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If I say that we are superior and other people are inferior because we are the descendants of Aryan, and we should do something because of our Aryan ancestry, I would be labeled “racist”.

But if I replace Aryan with Yan Huang (炎黄), I will be thought good Han Chinese. That’s what Han Chinese have been doing all the time.

Why are we superior to all other people in the world? It is because we are the descendants of Yan Huang (炎黄子孙). Han Chinese the “victims” of invaders have never thought it racism.


And that’s just one of the amazing things the amazing Han Chinese ethnic group has been doing.


Han Chinese thought I should be their hated inferior slave.

They treated me as the hated inferior slave.

I was hated (also fooled, mind-or-attitude-or-behavior-controlled, threatened, discriminated, inflamed, …).

I was thought as the inferior (also evil, ignorant, stupid, foolish, untrustworthy, unreliable, cowardly, …).

And I was thought as their slave. They did treat me as their slave.

Because I was who Han Chinese thought I should be, they

treated me arrogantly, rudely, hatefully, unfairly, cruelly, and controlled me,

and hypocritically virulently fooled me, “educated” me, “trained” me, “corrected” me, “convicted” me, and punished me,

and mastered me or commanded me whenever they wanted.

And they assigned the beautiful moral duties to me all the time: I should love them.

How do Han Chinese think about the world?

They think the world runs because “how I think about you” or “how you think about me”. And the world should run that way. That’s so called Mianzi (面子).

Han Chinese don’t know the world runs not because “how I think about you”, but because of its natural laws, including the laws about how human live and what the human interests should be. “How I think about you” can’t be the law governing the world.

Then, Han Chinese have no reasons of rights/obligations, interests, fairness, or market laws, natural laws in their life or for their behaviors.

I got this comment by Han Chinese.

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Superior Han Chinese |

Dear Inferior race,

Han Chinese are not evil. They are just proud of themselves. Many non-Han Chinese or other races envy or jealous about the success of Han Chinese. The same “jealousy” from German/Arabs toward Jews.

Because Han Chinese have:
1) higher intelligence
(ranking 2nd in the world, after Ashkenazi Jews)
2) 5000 years of civilization
3) greatest culture
4) great food
5) Great economic power
6) Great military power

Superior Han Chinese

From When I think Han Chinese normal human, I hurt myself., 2008/11/30 at 4:42 AM



Up till now, it is the first time for me to have such a unique Han Chinese comment. He/she offered “evidences” to prove his/her statements. The way is very rarely to be seen. But he/she still just proved my statements true. They think themselves are superior, but they couldn’t defend themselves. And it is why they think they can offend others (Because they think themselves are superior). They don’t know that arrogance, or rudeness, or unfairness, or lies is not superiority, but hurt themselves each other and hurt outsiders. Totally evil cancer cells.

Usually, what would people do after they did something wrong?

Got guilt? Upset? Confess? Or cover what they did? Never admit what they did?

All are possible.

And Han Chinese would do more.

Han Chinese would be arrogant after they did something wrong if they don’t fear others. And they would act as if they were in charge of the truth. They would let you know what the “truth” is like the judges. And they would arrogantly rudely rebuke you, blame you, or even punish you violent.

So, when you see Han Chinese arrogantly rebuke you or blame you on offending them after they offended you, you should know that Han Chinese trait. They are arrogant virulent hypocrites. What Han Chinese want to do is to deceive you or fool you to control your mind to morally arrogantly offend you.

Smart? Or extremely evil?

Location: China

Date: 21st century

One day, when I was sitting in a crowded hall waiting for a bus, an old woman approached me. After watching her behavior and some gesture, I guessed she wanted to fool me. Soon she sat down next to my seat. She looked upset. Then she leaned over to me and arrogantly rudely ordered me to tell her the departure time of some bus. I answered with my suspecting eyes. Seconds later, she blamed me in a low voice “Don’t fear! Don’t fear! I am not a bad woman.” I angrily told her that I was not the staff of the bus station, and she should have asked the working staff to know the departure time. A working staff was standing 2 meters away from her. She saw that moment I was not as foolish as she estimated. Then she moved her body and swung on her seat. Minutes later, she left the seat without asking the working staff about the departure time.



Why did the old woman treat me so arrogantly rudely because of the age difference?

Why did they do something bad in an arrogant way? Arrogantly order you, rebuke you, educate you to fool you to offend you? (It is related to Han Chinese traditional beautiful moral value of “to admire the old and surrender to the old to serve the old”.)

Why did she suppose I feared her when I suspected her? Why did she understand my refusal as fear? (She thought Han Chinese must fear the rude vicious offender and surrender to the offender. And she thought I must be the same.)

Why did she fool others in an arrogant way?

Why did she give up after getting angrily responded to?

Why did she have no shame after it was apparent that she told a lie (that she wanted to know the departure time.)? She looked just as usual.

The arrogant rude dishonest coward Han Chinese!

When Han Chinese attack, they don’t need facts, truth, consistence, or fairness. They attack only because “I am not happy with you.” And when their attack proves themselves responsible, and if the problem has nothing to do with the blamed, they have another reason to attack you, “why I attack you, it is because you are bad, and it is also why you are bad. If you are not bad, would I attack you?!”  “No fly stays on the unbroken eggs. (苍蝇不叮无缝的蛋 ) (If you got blamed, you must be bad.)”

Why are you angry after you got offended? Han Chinese think it is because you think about it. So, it isn’t the offender’s problem. It is the victim’s problem. So, the victim should blame him/herself because he/she thinks about the offense. If the victim forgets it, he/she should not be angry after getting offended.

But if themselves are angry, it must be because of you. Because they think of you when they are angry. It is why you should be blamed.

There are dishonest people in every ethnic group. Is it necessary to discuss Han Chinese dishonesty as a special one?

Han Chinese is a special group. Their dishonesty is also special.

Usually, if people of other ethnic groups commit crime, they don’t redefine the value of what they did. If they did something wrong and if they got caught, they probably refuse to admit their wrongdoing, but they don’t change the values. But Han Chinese are different. If Han Chinese did something wrong, not only do they refuse to admit their wrongdoing, but also try their best to redefine the value of what they did. And in the end, they let you know what they did is not wrong at all, probably it is right, good, and helpful. You can’t blame them or punish them. On the contrary, you should appreciate them and better reward them. If you are in the conflict with them, they redefine the value of what you did. Simply, what you did is wrong. You should get punished. Sometimes, themselves did what you did. How can Han Chinese do in that case? It is not a problem at all. Han Chinese can define the behavior bad if you did, and they can define it good if themselves did. Logic? Yes, that’s Han Chinese logic. And that is so natural and Han Chinese are so proud of it, because they think themselves so smart.

If you get confused about values, what’s wrong and what’s right? Han Chinese educate you that you are wrong because it is you, and themselves are right because it is themselves. What’s helpful and what’s harmful? Han Chinese also educate you that what you did is harmful because it is you, and what themselves did is helpful because it is themselves.


Dear readers, do you still think all human are the same because they are categorized into human?

Where: china
When: 21st century

When I rode a bike passing by an old man, he got upset. “I am so old! You even  hit me the old?!”

The truth is that I didn’t hit him. He just got upset by the coming bike. But what surprised me is his reason.

I am the older, so, you cannot hit me. If I am the younger, can you hit me? The younger can be hit by the older?

(Han Chinese really think they can treat the younger people in that way.)

There was something wrong with my computer monitor. I found some telephone numbers in news paper to contact repairing companies. I called them and made an agreement with one of them on the phone. According to the agreement, I should pay 50 Yuan after it got repaired.
I brought my monitor to that company. After it got repaired, I was told to pay 120 Yuan.
I refused to pay. I reminded him of the agreement. He insisted on asking that price.

I said, “You can’t change the price without negotiating with me. You shouldn’t make a decision on your side alone.”

“So, you want to make a decision on your side alone, don’t you!” shouted the man.

He was a typical Han Chinese.
I meant that the price should be changed after the negotiation with each other, or remains the same as the price in agreement. It should not be changed as he wanted.
But he thought, if he couldn’t change it as he wanted (on his side alone), could I change it as I wanted (on my side alone)?

There’s just no equality or negotiation in his mind. He thought the price should be changed either on his side alone or on the other side alone.

I talked to a woman. She told me she was a policewoman. I got ill impressed by the Chinese policemen/women. I stopped talking to her. She then said proudly, “Hah, you got scared by me!”

It made me sick to talk to a Chinese policewoman. But she thought it must be because I got frightened by her. (Probably she thought her job was to make people scared, while not to make people feel safe.)

Someone visited me and left something in my room. I found it and gave it back. Another one said, “You were afraid that you would get beaten. So you gave it back?”

I thought I should give back something that was not mine. But I got understood to be a coward and surrendered. What if I was not a coward?
And did others have the right to beat me if I didn’t give that back?
Should I got frightened to surrender if I got beaten?
(This example reflects how the Han Chinese think about fairness, dignity or honor, and their rights or obligation, and also how the Han Chinese behave. Being frightened or not, while not fair or not, is a Han Chinese behavior conduct.)

When I got on a bus, a woman pushed me to make me cede more room to her. I though I had the right to stand there and I had no room to cede and the woman had more room than mine (It was very crowded on that buss). The woman complained all the time. And when she got off, (I was still on the bus) she shouted at me, “That man, you are that arrogant!”

Why did she ask more room when she had already had more room than others? (She thought I was selfish because I rejected her selfish demanding.)
Did she think others had the right to stand on a bus without being unfair to others? (She thought I behaved unfairly while not she behaved unfairly.)
Why didn’t she shout at me on the bus? Why did she do after getting off? (Because it was SECURE for her to provoke when I was still on the bus.)
Who’s arrogant? (She thought I was arrogant because I rejected her arrogance.)

I don’t think the Han Chinese will feel strange when they read the above stories. But we can find out the Han Chinese behavior principles and their reasoning principles, and how they understand others’ behaviors or reasons.

The Han Chinese behavior or reasoning system is different from any people else’s. And they understand others by supposing others to be themselves.

In English language, if  some journal is trustworthy, it is called “well respected”. But in Han Chinese language, it is called “from the authority or from the powerful violence”(权威). (You must believe because it is from power or violence. If you don’t believe nor accept, you will get punished by the authority with powerful violence. Are you afraid of it? If yes, accept! And it is why it is the truth. Facts? What’s that? We Han Chinese see facts as nothing.)
If a Han Chinese official is well trusted and his/her policies are well recognized and well accepted, Han Chinese call it “well trusted and well accepted as if it is from powerful violence”(威信).
And if some Han Chinese is called to take some important position to do something important to the public, he/she is “trusted as if he/she is powerfully violent”(威望).

And the language difference really reflects the difference between the two groups of people. And the reality is,

Who is right? The more arrogant, or the ruder, or the more violent Han Chinese are right. Why? Because they can make others afraid of them. And they are more than right. Actually they are the criterion of rightness, because they are more violently arrogant rude.

And Han Chinese are arrogant, rude and violent because they want to be right. And when they behave in that way, they are really “right”, they think themselves are right and other Han Chinese also think them right.

Facts? Truth? Rights? Obligations? Fairness? Those cannot make Han Chinese to pay respect to or accept.

Han Chinese win your respect with power and violence.

Manchu conquest, helpful or harmful?

The Han Chinese give two answers opposite to each other.


The Han Chinese have been blaming Wu Sangui the traitor ( though Li zicheng is the true traitor).

—- It seems the Han Chinese think Manchu conquest is harmful. Otherwise, there would be no traitors, nor can they have any reason to blame so called traitors.


The Han Chinese are happy to see their territory being expanded to the unprecedented extend.

—- It seems the Han Chinese think Manchu conquest is helpful. (They even proudly claimed that their country was the largest in the world after they got conquered by the Mongols.)

The Han Chinese have also been thanking Manchu for their good emperors and their good ruling.

—- It seems the Han Chinese think the Manchu conquest is helpful.

But how can the same thing be helpful and harmful to the same object?

Manchu conquest, helpful or harmful?


And why did the Han Chinese get conquered?

The Han Chinese also have their “diverse” reasons,

We, “the great, superior, civilized ethnic group”, got conquered by Manchu?

  • It is because of Wu Sangui the traitor.
  • It is because Manchu were beasts, uncivilized, barbarian, cruel, war-liking.
  • It is because we pardoned Manchu.
  • It is because Manchu emperors and Manchu rule were good to us the Han Chinese.
  • It is because Manchu and the Han Chinese were brothers/sisters.
  • It is because we were too kind to kill the Manchu conquerors.

Wei Xiaobao is a very popular movie in china. And Wei Xiaobao is the central figure in that Movie. (Its popularity indicates that the values in that movie are well accepted or well agreed with by many Han Chinese. )
When Wei Xiaobao, the number one in Wushu and probably a “hero”, was asked why he hadn’t killed Manchu ruler, he answered “How can I kill such a good emperor!”
Then, why had Han Chinese been conquered? Han Chinese think it is not because Han Chinese got conquered, but because Han Chinese didn’t want to kill their conquerors, and because their conquerors/rulers were so good that Han Chinese were unwilling to kill them. Then the dominant ones were not the conquerors, not the rulers, but the Han Chinese, even though they could not devote a good emperor for themselves.
It is the Han Chinese version of explanation of their history.
Such a low group! They know nothing about the value of freedom!

Han Chinese entrepreneurs, wherever they are from, have the same instincts.

  • They know how to make profits, but they don’t know what fairness is.
  • They are arrogant, and they make their business partners know that they are the superior by violating  their partners’ interests.
  • They want to be the superior, but they don’t know what honesty is.

Why do Han Chinese fool their customers and arrogantly rudely offend the victims after making their customers lose money in deal?
Because they don’t think the customers are important.

But why don’t they refuse to deal with the unimportant costumers? Why do they fool others to make others lose money and arrogantly rudely despise others after hurting?
Han Chinese with their traditional beautiful moral values?
Or, actually the evil monsters with their traditional beautiful moral values as camouflage?

Han Chinese show others their beautiful moral values. But they treat those, whom they don’t fear, extremely inconsiderately, rudely, arrogantly, humiliatingly and cruelly.
Why and how can the beautiful moral values and the inhumanity happen to Han Chinese at the same time?
Just because they are  inconsistent ?

It becomes “consistent” if you know that Han Chinese have their partial personalities, and their partial personalities can shit conditionally.

Some Han Chinese phenomena,

  • I am evil, rude, ignorant, arrogant, and having the values opposite to truth, and moral values are inconsistent with my own attitudes/behaviors. But if you resist to my arrogance and rudeness? You are not civilized! You should be civilized!  (What about myself? I am the civilization itself!)
  • I am one-sided, vulgar, inconsiderate and arrogant. But if you do something proper? You’ve done something extremely improper(过分)!
  • You complain about the treatment you received? You should tolerate and forgive others! And when I treat you? I punish you for whatever reasons just because I want to hurt you to benefit myself.
  • I require you to fight for companies’ interests. But when I pay you, I don’t pay you full salary, because I also have to fight for companies’ interests.
  • It is cruel to ourselves if we treat others kindly.

That’s the Han Chinese with their beautiful moral values. Are Han Chinese smart enough?

“Are you nervous when you talk to me the boss?”
If Han Chinese bosses don’t think others are in the ranks high enough, many of them want to know if others are nervous when others talk to them. And they treat others arrogantly rudely if they think others in the inferior ranks.
But how can they become bosses?
Usually, Han Chinese bosses all have the record of violating others’ rights in business and most of them are undisciplined in solving business disputes. But they totally forget how they have behaved in business when they pursue to be arrogant. They just enjoy their arrogance and rudeness. And they totally forget their history of comfort women or comfort men when they expect others to tremble because their Han Chinese arrogance.
And how can employees be loyal to their Han Chinese arrogant bosses? To work for mutual benefit or for boss’ arrogance?

Han Chinese have their ethical theory.
Why are people polite? One of the Han Chinese reasons is that Han Chinese can treat each other politely after having enough food stock.(仓廪实而知礼节)
What will they do if they have no enough food stock? There’s an answer in their ethical theory to the question. NOBODY IS POLITE in that case.
So, they can offend others reasonably if they have no enough food stock.
does their theory really prove Han Chinese morally superior? Or, is it actually the Han Chinese self-confession on their moral state?

(Han Chinese even don’t know moral duties come from relationship, while not from shortage or sufficiency.)

That is the self-described “morally beautiful ethnic group”. And Han Chinese self-confess that this group is actually a theft-group or a robber-group.

“You reject my (selfish) requirement? You are so selfish!”
That’s Han Chinese definition of selfishness.
Han Chinese cannot know what selfishness is in their one-sided psychological state. And it greatly affects Han Chinese  understanding of the social fairness or the social justice. Usually, they are opposite to the truth.

Why do you go to a restaurant?
Usually you go there for food, for nutrition.
But why do Han Chinese go to a restaurant?
They largely go to Han Chinese restaurants (usually in Hong Kong, Guangdong, …) to eat ranks. They sort food in ranks, and give the titles to the food, such as “superior”, “the most superior”, “Wang”, “Ba”, “golden”, or “the most arrogant” …

It makes the food more tasteful for Han Chinese.

What if Manchu had let Han Chinese stay inside their enclosure to the south of their long fence (great wall)? Would Manchu have got culturally eliminated?

What if Americans hadn’t let Han Chinese flee to Taiwan?

What if more and more Han Chinese settle in Southern Mongolia?

What if more and more Han Chinese settle in Eastern Turkestan?

What if more and more Han Chinese settle in Tibet?

What if more and more Han Chinese live in Russia?

What if more and more Han Chinese live in your country as the citizens of your country?

Han Chinese, as the arrogant culture conquerors with their super powerful reproductive organs and their inherited relationship, are you sure you won’t become another Manchu?

Han Chinese country has never threatened any other ethnic group’s existence in their history as Han Chinese people have done.

Han Chinese hurt you and destroy the relationship. And when you leave them after you got hurt, they would arrogantly blame you, educate you or rebuke you, “You don’t know how to make friends with others!” “You destroyed the relationship with others.” “You must be in the bad relationship with anybody.” “You isolate yourself.” “You don’t know the importance of close relationship with others.” “You can’t live a good life in the future if you can’t be in good relationship with others.” And they would enlighten you, “Don’t you know that someone can smile when others hurt him? He can make friends with anybody however others treated him. Everybody likes him. I have never heard him complaining after I treated him that badly. He will gain great achievements in the future because he can make friends with everybody.”

Han Chinese didn’t destroy the relationship with others after they hurt others. So, in the end, who destroyed the relationship? Han Chinese think those who resisted to the offense or leave the relationship after getting hurt did. Who should take responsibility for the sore relationship? And who should be blamed? Han Chinese have the same answer.

How do Han Chinese comment on themselves as the offenders, then? We are Han Chinese. We are great. Can we do anything wrong?


The responsibility for a good relationship is also one-sided. The extremely evil one-sided Han Chinese ethnic group!

Why are you thought immoral by Han Chinese?

Because you are really immoral?

No. The only reason for you to be thought immoral by Han Chinese is that you failed to make Han Chinese think you can be superior to them. You are thought immoral only because Han Chinese think they can assign moral duties to you (when they think they can be superior to you), and they think you failed to fulfill the “duties”.

And why do Han Chinese think themselves moral whatever themselves did if they can think you are immoral? The reason is the same. Since you failed to make them think you were the superior, they think you must be the inferior. Then, how can you the inferior assign moral duties to the superior? So, Han Chinese themselves can never be immoral if they can think you immoral. (That’s relativity in morality.) (Usually, Han Chinese children can’t blame their parents whatever their parents did. Han Chinese can’t blame their leaders whatever their leaders did. It is because of the same reasons for them to think somebody immoral or not.)

And it is also why Han Chinese need their ethical system made of contradictions. And they never misuse the contradictory ethical system.


Han Chinese moral values = the duties I can assign to you (or the duties you can assign to me) =\= the moral values because of human life itself

Human can’t be judged because of their skin color. Individually, it’s true. But different culture groups are really basically different in quality. Those cultures can be inherited generation after generation before memory (before you remember when you started to remember your own name). And when people pay more attention to their own identities, no matter their skin colors are, they will look for something to identify themselves to distinguish themselves from others, and naturally they want to prove themselves superior.  We call it racism. Racism is not only the white people’s property. All kinds of colored people can be racists once they have a chance to proudly identify themselves from others by distinguishing between skin colors or others features like origins.

White people are not more racism at all.

And there’s another question, what about human evolution?

Human evolution means the quality requirement for human becomes higher and higher.

But if some group of people can’t reach the higher standard, can they be categorized low-qualified human group? Racism?

If we don’t distinguish between human rights and human quality, will the human rights become hypocritical and in the end slow down human evolution?

Human dream is self-conditional, if we don’t distinguish between human rights and conditions for human itself-(quality), hypocrites will destroy human dream. History has been proving it.

I can’t agree with racists. But I believe in real human values. And I agree that human are different in quality because of culture, tradition, values, or other factors affecting human quality.

And hypocrites are more dangerous than racists.

If you are arrogant, few Han Chinese think you are arrogant. If themselves are arrogant, few of them think themselves are arrogant. But if you are not arrogant and if you resist to others arrogance, Han Chinese think you are so arrogant, because  you can’t yield to others’ arrogance when others think themselves are superior, and because you don’t think you are the inferior, and because others think they should be above you and control you. When others think themselves are the superior, and if you reject their controlling, they hatefully think you are so arrogant.
That’s Han Chinese understanding of arrogance.
Are Han Chinese different from many others?
Han Chinese ethnic group itself is a “distinguished” “outstanding” group.

What kind of people do Han Chinese think the worst?
The violent selfish offenders are not the worst. On the contrary, Han Chinese admire them. Usually Han Chinese pay respect to them because they can make others have fear ( 敬畏 Pinyin: jing wei; Translation: pay respect to those who I fear).
The arrogant masters are not the worst. On the contrary, Han Chinese think them are superior because their arrogance and rudeness.
Those who share the same evil characteristics are not the worst. On the contrary, they are the great descendants of the great ancestor of Yan Huang. “We all are great because we share something in common.”
But, those who don’t offend, nor surrender, i.e. who are different from the typical Han Chinese, are the worst, because they failed to accept the offense. (Han Chinese think you must be the inferior since you don’t offend others. And since you are the inferior, others must be superior to you, and you should accept the offense. But you don’t offend nor surrender. It is why Han Chinese think you are the worst , either the morally worst or the most inferior. Simply, Han Chinese can’t accept the “abnormal monsters” who don’t offend nor surrender.)

Wife of boss is not a position. But sometimes it is more powerful than the boss.

Han Chinese bosses are emperor of company, no wondering how arrogant they are.
But sometimes, the wives of bosses are more arrogant. And the “wife of boss” becomes a title for those women. When you mention them, you don’t need to say “Ms. XXXX”, but only need to say the “wife of boss”. And they are happy to be called that way.
But why can they be so arrogant rude? Only because they can fuck the arrogant, the bosses?


It’s a critical Han Chinese company feature. And it shows the property of a company. It isn’t a group based on the relationship between people who work together or the relationship between the employer and the employees, but the employees hired by a family. A Han Chinese company is more like an enlarged Han Chinese family.

Where: china
When: 21st century

We were waiting in the line to have some products procedure finished.
A violent arrogantly aggressive wealthy businessman ordered me to cede the chance to him to let him have his products procedure finished first. I had waited ahead him and waited for hours. I refused. He shouted, “Cede or not?!” I said no. He pushed my cart aside crazily and waved his fist to beat me. I didn’t cede and prepared for a fighting. At that time, the factory owner and working staff came surrounding us watching. They did nothing but pulled my cart to another machine and cede my chance to that unbelievably selfish rude arrogant violent businessman. Nobody said any word at the scene.
Minutes later, the wife-of-boss came to me, arrogantly ORDERED  me not to be angry. I told her no. She shouted, “You treated me, the wife-of-boss, that way?! It must be you who’s wrong!” She was that angry and that arrogant. But I remembered she said nothing to that violent “customer”. She was afraid of him, the arrogant violent.


I am the fool who practiced non-violence. And I woke up after the deadly lesson I got taught by the Han Chinese.

Non-violence as a “beautiful” (actually hypocritical) value is conditionally true. It depends on whom you are dealing with. It doesn’t depend on how beautiful your mind is!
Violence is the only solution to the problems caused by the arrogant rude violent one-sided selfish people. You can never seek justice if others think themselves are the superior master and you are the inferior slave and if they believe in violence and if you believe in non-violence, because they don’t think you should have any right at all. To ask them to think about your rights? It’s ridiculous! On the contrary, violence, and the victory with violence, can help you, and only that can help you, seek justice for yourself.

Non-violence can only encourage the evil to be eviler!

Don’t trust hypocrites! They are irresponsible! Hate them! They are much much worse than offenders themselves. And if they yell “Non-violence” after themselves offended others, they are simply extremely hypocritical.

There are many sickening titles for Han Chinese to fool others. One of them is the famous title of “dear-from-the-same-womb”(亲爱的同胞 Pinyin: qin ai de tong bao. Translation: dear fellow citizens, dear countryman).

Its direct meaning is that you are my brothers/sisters who have the same mom (from the same womb) if I call you  “dear-from-the-same-womb”. (The womb must be a super one because Han Chinese population is more than 1.3 billion, and sometimes mainland Han Chinese call themselves “mom” and call overseas Han Chinese “the lost sons”, that means the moms and sons must be from the same womb. Stunning?)

But Han Chinese don’t only call other Han Chinese “dear-from-the-same-wombs”, but also call people of other ethnic groups “dear-from-the-same-wombs”. Why? They had called Mongols Hulu before. But they call Mongols “dear-from-the-same-wombs” today. They had called Manchu Dalu before. But they call Manchu “dear-from-the-same-wombs” today. They call Taiwanese “dear-from-the-same-wombs”. But they set a condition for the title when they call Taiwanese that only those who are willing to be united with mainland can be called “dear-from-the-same-wombs”. So, it is so clear why and how Han Chinese apply the sickening title. If they want to rule others, others are their “dear-from-the-same-wombs” whatever former relationship between them. If others resist to their intention of ruling, others are not their “dear-from-the-same-wombs”, and others are even their enemies.

The words are so sweet. And the application is so simple.

The Han Chinese as an ethnic group has been invaded by many. Among the many, Mongols and Manchu have been called by the Han Chinese “dear-from-the-same-wombs”, Russian has been called by the Han Chinese “superior brother”, only western countries and Japan remain on the Han Chinese enemies list. And Japanese are the most hated by the Han Chinese. Why?

Because of Japanese invasion?

It isn’t true.

Because of the so called Nanking massacre?

I remember that there are Yangzhou massacre and Jiading massacre by Manchu. But Manchu people have been called by the Han Chinese “dear-from-the-same-wombs”. So, it isn’t true either.

Because of the Japanese cruelty in battle?

I remember that Mongols were also very cruel. But the Han Chinese call them “dear-from-the-same-wombs”, too. Russians were also very cruel. But the Han Chinese have been licking their asses. So, it isn’t true either.

Then, what’s the exact reason for the Han Chinese to hate Japanese that much?

There are some clues.

When Japanese invaded china, some Han Chinese cried that the Han Chinese had taught Japanese the student how to write, but today the student attacked the teacher!

When the Han Chinese mention Japanese, the most used title is “the dog-fathered inferior Japanese devils”.

And the Han Chinese want to prove that Japanese ancestors are the Han Chinese. (According to the Han Chinese way of thinking, ancestors are superior to descendants, and ancestors are in higher rank, and the lower ranked descendants who scattered in the world should be ruled by the descendants who live in the area where their ancestors lived. And mainland Han Chinese, especially the Han Chinese from Henan(河南), Shanxi(陕西), Shanxi(山西) or around, should rule all of the Han Chinese in the world.)

Then, the reason for the Han Chinese to hate Japanese is that Japanese had ever hurt the Han Chinese arrogance! While not anything else.

And the Han Chinese hadn’t been completely conquered or ruled by the Japanese. The Han Chinese have no history to be called “our dynasty” ruled by Japanese. Had the Han Chinese been completely conquered and ruled by the Japanese, the Han Chinese attitudes towards the Japanese would be totally different. But it didn’t happen. Otherwise, the Han Chinese will call their rulers “dear from-the-same-wombs” to avoid explaining their humiliated history, just like they call Mongols or Manchu. (If ruled by brother, Han Chinese think their honor is still there.)

It is why the Japanese cannot be called “our dear from-the-same-wombs” by Han Chinese, but hated most by them.

beijing 2008 olympics torch had been welcomed with protests. But those who hate the olympics most are Han Chinese “dear-from-the-same-wombs”(亲爱的同胞 Pinyin: qin ai de tong bao. Translation: fellow citizen; brothers/sisters; countryman).
What’s wrong with Han Chinese?
What does the title of “dear-from-the-same-wombs” really mean?
How should Han Chinese treat their “dear-from-the-same-wombs”?
I’d rather leave the questions.

Since my birth, I had been taught how bad Japanese were. And I had read numerical Chinese books about Japanese cruelty.
But my dear-from-the-same-wombs, the Han Chinese, had converted me not to hate Japanese any more, because Han Chinese have been much much worse than Japanese invaders. And there’s another difference. Japanese treated their enemy cruelly, while Han Chinese treat their dear-from-the-same-wombs cruelly, unfairly, arrogantly, rudely, inhumanly, virulently …
That is a huge difference.

There’s a story about how Han Chinese treated their class enemies in china.
During the Culture Revolution, when public criticizing and punishment was held, some class-enemies would get criticized, scolded, and punished because of their “class-crimes”. One of the ways to punish them is to have night-soil buckets, which were filled with urine, and to hang the night-soil buckets on each of the class-enemies’ neck with an iron wire, and then to pour boiling water into the night-soil buckets to stir and heat the smelly air out of the urine, to suffocate the class-enemies.

I remember French Revolution. There are many killings in that era. But did French treat their domestic or foreign enemies in that way?

Because Han Chinese ethnic group is smarter than French ethnic group?

When I went to beijing, Han Chinese illustrated what love was and what hatred was.

I had to love the Party, had to love china, had to love the ruled (the people), had to love the old, have to love the young, had to love everything they wanted me to love. It was my obligation to give my love.

And when I thought I had my rights and when I practiced my rights, they illustrated me what hatred was. They hated me that much! They treated me that hatefully! That rudely, arrogantly and violently! I saw vicious beasts only because they saw me practicing my rights,

And in the end, I understood what Han Chinese love and Han Chinese hatred was.
Love means I must love them. I must attend to that obligation.
But if I want to have any right or enjoy any right, they let me know what hatred is.

In June that year after the Hainan Island incident, I visited a military unit in beijing. When I entered the building, I saw a wall in the hall and there’s a propaganda, which read “旧恨添新仇, roughly translated: new hatred was added to the old hatred”.

But I remember that USA had been one of the main trading partners of china at that time.
Trading partner? Enemy?
War? Peace?

Han Chinese reasons or theories for why right why wrong are contradictory. They don’t have any consistent ethical system for anybody at anytime in any case. So, why right? Why wrong?


My reasons or my theories are right, yours are wrong. It is because the reasons or theories are MINE, while not YOURS.


I think you should be restricted by me. So you are morally wrong when you are in any conflict with me. I can think you are the inferior and I can be arrogant rude offensive. And I just blame you, educate you, and rebuke you. It is why I am right.


But everthing changes when we are in the violent conflicts. In that case, I am right because I am the winner in the violent fighting. And I am wrong because I am the loser. The winner in the violence is right.


Probably the above are not Han Chinese philosophy in books. But they are definitely Han Chinese behavior principles in reality.

The Han Chinese history I had learned in the class,

  • We don’t know where we are originally from. But we know we all have the same ancestor, Yan Huang. And I don’t have an idea if that person is male or female. And I have never known if he or she has a spouse. But he or she has so many descendants. And our earliest ancestor was living in Hua Xia, the center of the world.
  • And we have so many dynasties. To learn history means to learn dynasties, from their birth till their death. And we all learn the lessons from the death of the dynasties to seek how to keep a dynasty alive as long as possible. We also learn the relationship between Han Chinese and other ethnic groups. But its necessity is far less important that a dynasties’ life. Dynasty! Dynasty! Dynasty! Han Chinese history means dynasties. And in the end, we pay more attention to the rise and fall of some dynasty than who ruled us in that dynasty. We are sensitive to the dynasties’ life, but have less sense of the rulers’ identity.

That’s Han Chinese, a rotten group obsessed with over self-respecting. They have been living in the glory of 5000 years of writing history. They got lost in their dynasties and dynasties. And in the end, few of them know their own identity. If you call them Han Chinese and talk about Han Chinese, they would feel it objectionable and answer you that why you are so abnormal that you even talk about the so called Han Chinese. “Han Chinese” is so called. They totally forget themselves are Han Chinese.

When you learn the dynasty history, do you still really remember that’s Han Chinese history?

When I think Han Chinese normal human, I hurt myself.

When I think Han Chinese evil, and when I prepare for fighting, I don’t hurt myself that much.

It almost cost my life to have the faith of “if I treat others friendly, I will be treated friendly, if I treat others better, I will be treated better”. Han Chinese taught me lessons, deadly lessons. And when I went to the opposite, I started to know the real Han Chinese. They offend the kind and surrender to the offender.

That’s just my life experience.

Han Chinese would rebuke others because “I think you must be older than me!” (You are older. You should be restricted more.) They can also rebuke others because “I think you must be younger than me.” (You are younger. You should be restricted more.)

You are supposed to be either older or younger (without knowing the truth), and it becomes the reason why you are morally wrong.

I suppose myself either older or younger, and it is why I can arrogantly rebuke you the morally wrong.

That’s Han Chinese moral values system. The surface reasons are not the real reasons. The real reasons are hidden in their behaviors. The same conditions can cause either wrong or right, depending on “who”.

So, what is the real Han Chinese reason for becoming right or wrong?

Not the abstract “if conditions, then statements”, but “If it is me, then I must be right and I am the superior and I can arrogantly rebuke you. If it is you, then you must be wrong and you the inferior should be rebuked by me the superior.”

Han Chiense moral criterion is “who-criterion”.

When I got attacked unfairly, when I got offended by the arrogant, I complained. But I just got despised by the listener, “You are morally inferior!” (象个小孩!不懂事!Pinyin: xiang ge xiao hai, bu dong shi)

So, who is morally superior?

Han Chinese think the arrogant offender, the unfair attacker, is morally superior, or just superior and has the rights to offend and attack. Unfairness is nothing wrong. But arrogance wins sympathy.

That’s Han Chinese sense of morality.

After Han Chinese did something evil, they beautify themselves (sometimes they redefine the values to make themselves never be wrong) and deface the victim. And they pretend to be morally superior and they are arrogant. Then, they, the morally superior, can arrogantly attack the victims more. They smartly make double gains.

And after the victims have the loss, they just get smeared to be morally inferior. And they get attacked more. They take double losses.

It happens to Han Chinese all the time.

And it is why you can see why Han Chinese have something “beautiful” and also something “evil”. And it is why Han Chinese are so hypocritical and behave evilly. And it forces all of the Han Chinese to engage in a contest, double gains contest (actually double evils), in their daily life. If there’s anybody not engaging in that contest, they just get punished by taking double losses.

When I read the history of Christianity, I find that Europeans have been seeking the facts to prove everything true in the bible. And it becomes the reason why they believe in the God. And more importantly, it becomes one of the sources of science. In both the areas of human and the nature, Europeans have discovered many secrets since the beginning of Christianity when Europeans sought evidence to prove the contents of the bible true.

Simply, Europeans believe because of the facts.

But Han Chinese are totally different. Totally. If Europeans have the faith of facts, Han Chinese have the faith of how-I-think-about-it.

When people doubt if the Gods exist, Han Chinese say, “They exist if you believe in the Gods.” And when people doubt if it is valuable to believe in the Gods, Han Chinese say, “It works if you believe in the Gods.” That means it depends on how you think or whether you believe or not, while not because of the facts or not.

When Han Chinese professors teach theories in universities, they act as if those theories are sacred and you can only believe but can’t doubt and seek evidences to prove the theories true. If you refuse to accept any theory before you find evidences to prove it, you would be thought the inferior and get low scores. If you believe the theories before you have the evidences, you can get higher scores and teachers think you are smart. Han Chinese learn theories more religiously than Europeans read the bible. (Is it amazing?)

That also affects Han Chinese life. (Please view a related post here.)

Few Han Chinese admit that they are inferior. But their inferiority is just the fact and they “naturally” ignore the fact. On the contrary, they “naturally” show others their “superiority” because of the pressure from their relationship.



“You should love others!” “You should donate your love!” It is because love is a good human value. Love can make the world much better. It can prove you are good if you love others. It can show your good personality if you donate your love to others.

But do Han Chinese love others?

No. We Han Chinese think stupid people love others. Foolish people follow the hypocritical words.

What Han Chinese do is to ask you to donate love and tell you how good it is to love others. And Han Chinese are very happy when you donate your love to them. If you failed to donate your love, they will condemn you the bad!

Han Chinese want you to become their friends, because they want you to treat them as friends.

Han Chinese want you to become their brothers/sisters (dear-from-the-same-wombs), because they want you to treat them as brothers/sisters.

But do themselves treat you as friends or brothers/sisters? No. They just treat you as their enemy because they just want to enjoy the rights of your friends/brothers/sisters and the rights to treat you as enemy. They don’t definitely want to attend to the duties for a friend. And it relieves them when they treat you as their enemy. (Should friendship be a mutual one? Oh my goodness! What’s a question! We Han Chinese only know how to use others. Friendship is just a tool.)

That’s not a theory about Han Chinese. That’s the Han Chinese reality.

One of the most featured Han Chinese phenomena is that Han Chinese concern more about how others would think about them. They don’t concern much about what life should really be. So, Han Chinese live the life of how-others-would-think-about-me, while not live the life that it should be.

It is because Han Chinese relationship between the superior and the inferior. And it causes serious Han Chinese problems. For example, in their relationship, Han Chinese “naturally” pursue the life of being the superior. But it isn’t the real superiority, but making-others-think-I-am-superior. And it is why Han Chinese don’t admit any wrongdoing after they made mistakes. It is also why Han Chinese can’t accept the  reality when others are really better than them. And it is why Han Chinese can’t learn from lessons, but telling the world how superior themselves are all the time. And it is why Han Chinese actually become the inferior. They just keep blind to the truth.

If people want to pursue the real superiority, they shouldn’t keep blind to the facts. They should find out their own flaws to correct themselves and make themselves really superior. They shouldn’t pursue to be thought superior by others and then fool others, and also fool themselves. They can never learn only because they worry whether they would be thought inferior if they admit their own flaws.

And the problem is serious enough to make Han Chinese even not be able to learn after they have got conquered twice! And it is why they just have been proving their superiority to their masters with their knees on the ground.

Han Chinese is the ethnicity which has been going backward. It isn’t because of their skin color, but because of their relationship.

You can’t find fairness in Han Chinese moral values. But Han Chinese have the reasons to let you know their moral values are fair. For example,


When you are asked to serve the older generations, they would say, “You can ask your children or grandchildren to serve you in the future.” That means it is fair for you to serve the older generation today because you can get compensated when you become older.


When you got offended, usually, Han Chinese don’t encourage you to fight for justice, on the contrary, they would enlighten you, “You can offend the third party to get compensated if you can offend.” They think it fair.

It is fair because you can offend the third party to get compensated after you had loss.


There’s a famous Han Chinese story titled “Kong Rong gives up the pear”(孔融让梨 Pinyin: kong rong rang li).

In that story, Kong Rong is considered to be morally good, because he, as a little child, knows he should gives up his rights to his elder brother, the superior.

But I have a question to ask.
Is the one, who accepts the cession, morally good?

If yes, both accepting the cession and ceding should be morally good. But they are opposite to each other. They are inconsistent.

If no, why should people consider it to be morally good to cede?

That’s a typical Han Chinese moral value, which is one-sided and inconsistent. You can’t see fairness in the Han Chinese moral codes. All their moral codes fit their unbalanced disorder and in the evil side’s behalf.

It is more than hypocritical. It is totally ill.

How do Han Chinese hit back when you uncover their facts, which make them sound not that superior?

They will never ask if it is the truth or if it is fair. But they would ask if you are evilly motivated. (You reveal their facts because you are virulent. Or else, you would help them to hide the facts.)

But are Han Chinese themselves virulent to do something themselves don’t want to show others? Were themselves evilly motivated when they behaved?

If Han Chinese got offended and if they got frightened by the offender, they would arrogantly find the solution, “If I can’t attack, I CAN cede!” ( “惹不起,躲得起!” Pinyin: re bu qi, duo de qi). Or, they would offer the solution to others by arrogantly rebuking, “If you can’t attack, CAN’T you cede either?’

Han Chinese are even arrogant when they surrender.

And they only know offense and cession. You can’t expect to hear Han Chinese saying, “I don’t attack. But I don’t cede either.”

Sometimes, we would say, “I hope you will get better soon.” or, “I hope everybody can enjoy their lives.”

But Han Chinese have more “hopes” to others. They would say,

“I hope you will serve your country more after you grow up!”

“I hope everybody can donate their love to others!”

“I hope you will change your attitudes in the future!”

“I hope you won’t behave in that way in the future!”

“I hope everybody will take action to make it better!”

“I hope you will serve your parents!”

“I hope you will not fail the mission assigned by others!”

Can the hoped hope back?

What are those “hopes”?

No, the hoped can’t hope back. If they do, they will be thought astonishingly arrogant, rude and make those hoping people extremely angry! All of those “hopes” are restriction, ordering or obligation assignment by the superior or the self-supposed-superior (to the inferior or the supposed inferior). But Han Chinese say that even if they are not officers. It is the Han Chinese way of arrogance.

But Han Chinese don’t think, they even don’t know, that’s arrogant, rude. It becomes their pride to hope others in that way.

Mongols conquered Han Chinese


Late 13th century




Mongol Conquest

Territorial changes

Han Chinese ceded all of their territory



Han Chinese

Population Resource

0.8~2 million

60~100 million

Natural Resource, Area

Smaller at the beginning

Larger at the beginning

Natural Resource, Economical or Military Resource



Manchu conquered Han Chinese


Around 1640 AD




Manchu conquest

Territorial changes

Han Chinese ceded all of their territory



Han Chinese

Population Resource

About 1 million

50~100 million

Natural Resource, Area



Natural Resource, Economical or Military Resource



If Finnish were Mongols or Manchu, they had conquered Russians twice! Because in winter war, Finnish VS Russians

Winter War

(Most of the data are copied from


November 30, 1939 – March 13, 1940


Eastern Finland


Interim Peace

Territorial changes

Moscow Peace Treaty


Flag of Finland


Flag of the Soviet Union

Soviet Union

Population Resource

3.5 million

170 million

Natural Resource, Area

0.37 million km²

22.4 million km²

Natural Resource, Economical or Military Resource




Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim

Kliment Voroshilov

Kirill Meretskov

Semyon Timoshenko


250,000 men

1,000,000 men

30 tanks

6,541 tanks

130 aircraft

3,800 aircraft

Casualties and losses

66,548 total casualties

391,783 total casualties

26,662 dead

126,875 dead or missing

39,886 wounded

264,908 wounded

1,000 captured

5,600 captured

2,268+ tanks

The resource comparison between Mongols/Manchu and Han Chinese is so close to the comparison between Finnish and Russians. If Mongol and Manchu are renamed to be Finnish, and if Han Chinese is renamed to be Russian, the Russians had been conquered by Finnish twice and ruled for 356 years in total.

But it didn’t happen in western history.


(It is one of the reasons why I admire Finnish the brave.)

If you got offended by Han Chinese, and if you fought back, and if there’s the Han Chinese third party intervening in the offender’s favor. The third party would say,

“You reacted to your offender? You didn’t behave 100% proper!

Is the offender 100% wrong? Your offender didn’t behave 100% wrong! You shouldn’t think others totally wrong.”

So, who should be blamed and who should be defended? The third party would say,

“You should be blamed because you didn’t behave 100% proper. And your offender should be defended because he/she didn’t behave 100% wrong.”

So, who is right? Who is wrong? The third party would say,

“You are wrong because you didn’t behave 100% proper.

Your offender isn’t wrong because he/she didn’t behave 100% wrong.”

So, who should get punished? The third party would say,

“You should get punished because you didn’t behave 100% proper!”


Does it sound pretty true?

Is corruption bad?

Han Chinese in mainland china have their theory,


Capitalism is bad, because you can see corruption happens in America, UK, France, Japan … Socialism is good because we want to eliminate corruption from our society. And we are good because our nation is a socialism country.

Their reasoning,

We are good and USA is bad because of the supposed corruption.

(It indicates that corruption or not is the criterion of values.)

How can you say communist regime is bad because of the corruption? How can we be bad? Can’t you see there’s also corruption in America?

Their reasoning,

We are not bad because we just have the same problem as USA. Corruption can’t be the criterion of values.

(It indicates that USA itself is the criterion of values.)


What is the real Han Chinese criterion of values?

“We can’t be bad. We must be good.” That’s the real Han Chinese criterion of values.



I changed the structure of the contents after Jose posted the comment and replaced the word of “are” with “must be” in the last sentence. But I didn’t change other contents.

If Han Chinese think others are against their wills, and if they don’t get scared by others, usually, their first response is to shout to threaten, “If you dare! (你敢!Pinyin: ni gan)” (It means I will attack you to make you scared if you dare to do. Usually the attack is an violent one, or power-abuse.)

It can’t be expected that Han Chinese response to those against their wishes by asking, “Is it fair?”, and stop others by making it clear that they will seek justice if getting treated unfairly.

And when Han Chinese dare to offend others, they just do. And if themselves get scared, they just surrender. Fair or not, dignity and honor, it isn’t what they concern.

Dare-or-not, while not the fair-or-not, is one of the Han Chinese behavior principles. And the principle is actually a fear-or-not. So, who should fear because of the other side? That’s what Han Chinese concern first.

This self-confession can be used to explain many Han Chinese phenomena.

How to know human?

We can watch.

We can give a theory to explain what we have observed. And we can test it to see if it is true.

But we can never really know human only by watching.

How to know human, then?

Before we answer this question, we should answer other questions first. How can we communicate? How can we understand each other when we communicate? Why can’t we even understand each other in any case? If these questions can’t be answered, we can’t know how we can know human. And if these questions can be well answered, it gives us clues to find the ways to know human.

Suppose there’s somebody honest who can tell you everything about him/herself without an intended lie, can you know him/her by understanding what he/she tells you?

If we want to fully understand another people, what suppositions we need? We should suppose,

  • we can know ourselves,
  • different people have the same or similar cognition system, and we can know the same thing if we are under the same conditions,
  • we express the same thing in the language which can make the expression disambiguated,
  • when we try to understand each other, it means we try to recover the mental state to get the same awareness which has been already existed in our mind, and when we get it, we say we understand. If it doesn’t exist in our mind, we have no chance to understand.
  • we have to have something to be recovered to be bewared,
  • the same thing being bewared means we have to be under the same conditions, and means we have to get in the same mental or bodily state.

We suppose we know others if the above suppositions met.

It requires the researchers to be able to change their mental state to have the objects’ mental state. It means the researchers should eliminate all of self and build the objects’ self. But how to break our self?

We know we have personalities. It means everybody has their comparatively stable state of self. But we also know the personality can be changed and usually we can experience strong feelings during the process of changing. And usually we don’t like those feelings. It means if we want to change our self, we have to be brave enough to bear the uncomfortable feelings to change our self. There’s a fact that children can’t be that calm if they lose the chance to have what they like but most of adults can be calm or calmer than children when they lose what they like. It isn’t because how long they have lived, but because of the feelings caused by gain or loss they have experienced and the state of balance of the feelings. That makes them different when they want to free their mental state from restriction by psychological forces. Those, who had ever lost any hope in their lives, probably depressed to death, can have the ability to free their mental state and adjust it to the possible state they want to be in. And if the state is exactly the one their objects are in, they can, probably, know their objects. It is the furthest extent how we can know others.

(Are you still so sure your comment is true when you judge others?)

Sometimes, Han Chinese are consistent. For example,

They tend to be arrogant rude. But if their arrogance or rudeness gets rejected, they would arrogantly rebuke you, “You should tolerate!”

Tolerate what?

Tolerate their arrogance and rudeness.

How do they demand?


Their arrogance and rudeness is really consistent all the time.

Religion has the theory (it is called faith) which can’t be false even if the facts disprove it.

Han Chinese can’t be wrong whatever the facts are, because Han Chinese want to be the superior. They think if they have to yield to the facts, it means they become the inferior.

Science has no theory which can be true without checking the facts. On the contrary, Facts can never be wrong. Facts just exist or occur conditionally. Even if the facts are not good for us, we just rethink what we should pursue and how to get it. But it doesn’t mean we can deny the facts. And the facts-conditions is out of our wills’ control. It means we can’t win if our wills are against the facts. But we can control the factors if we can know and take advantage of the conditions for the facts to occur. And it is the most powerful way for human to become really superior. And it is the reason why we human are superior to all of the other species in the universe.

Sometimes, our pursuit, attitude or faith really works. But if we don’t make them go well with the science (facts), it just can’t make us really more powerful or more superior in the reality. And it is just the fact when Han Chinese has the faith of we-must-be-the-superior-whatever-the-facts-are.

In a university.

One of my classmates arrogantly despised other ethnic groups. He is Han Chinese. He was just proud of Han Chinese and thought Han Chinese superior to others.

Another classmate despised back, “You Han Chinese have been conquered and ruled twice!” He is of Manchu ethnicity.

It shocked me.

In my life, nobody had told me we got conquered or ruled. I only knew “the Mongol rulers” or “the Manchu rulers”. But how could they become our rulers? How could we, the Han Chinese, become ruled by them? Nobody had told me the reasons. Nobody had asked those questions. Nobody had even used the word of ruled. They just used the word of ruler.

At that time, I was still proud of my Han Chinese ethnicity. But the pride got shaken and got shadowed.

When I worked for Han Chinese bosses in exporting business, they all talked about the risk in business. The risk is not because of the market change out of estimation, but because of whom we dealt with. (The companies I worked for are small businesses.)

When we met prospective customers, the Han Chinese bosses asked the first question was what ethnicity these possible customers were of.

If we said “the westerners from Western Europe, or North America, or Australia, or Japanese”, the bosses would say, “Learn more about them. If they are really the people you said, and if they don’t work with other people, you can try to develop relationship with them. And be careful at the beginning.”

If we said “westerners from Latin America or Eastern Europe”, the bosses would not trust them that much.

If we said “Arabs from Middle East”, the bosses would have hard choice. They knew probably they could have lots of business chances, but the risk was higher.

If we said “Africans”, or “South Asians”, or “South Eastern Asians”, or “Koreans”, the bosses would shake their heads, “Too many scammers!”

If we said “Chinese”, the bosses would say, “Swindlers? How can you get to know them? How long have you known them? Have you done business with them before? If they want to do business with us, it is OK only if they pay the deposit and payment is before the shipment.”


If Han Chinese want to fight against those bigoted, those racists, are themselves the bigoted, or the racists? If not, do they insult themselves?

Han Chinese were victims. They have been saying that.

They were the victims of “the dog-fathered inferior Japanese monsters (狗日的小日本鬼子 gou ri de xiao ri ben gui zi) “, and the victims of “western bandits ( 西方强盗 xi fang qiang dao)”. The “western bandits” defeated their Manchu masters and looted them. “The dog-fathered inferior Japanese monsters” defeated their Manchu msters, Russian colonists, and later Han Chinese, and looted china, and recuited huge number of comfort men (colabournists, 伪军 wei jun) and comfort women.

They were the victims.

But when I lived with Han Chinese, I found that if you don’t attack, if you are not arrogant, Han Chinese will suppose you are bad, or suppose you should be the inferior, and they think they should violently cruelly conqueror you to stop your supposed evil or your supposed inferiority, if you don’t surrender, you will get cruelly tortured. (And if you violently resist to their attack, they don’t fight bravely. They just become the victims.)

They are arrogant superior rude masters and rulers of the world.

But they have been saying there were the victims.

They were the victims.

They were the victims!

They were the victims?


How can they be?!

It always puzzles me a lot when I put those facts together. And it always shocks me when I see they treat me or others that arrogantly, rudely, viciously, violently and cruelly and they say they were the victims.

The victim comfort men or the victim comfort women?

The victims?

The worst offenders, actually?

Han Chinese must be truth haters, or else, they can’t be the typical Han Chinese.

If people accept the truth unconditionally, people can’t reject the truth because of the relationship they are in. But Han Chinese are in the relationship between the superior and the inferior, they have to choose to act because of the truth or because of the demanding from the superior. And if they accept the truth when the truth is contradictory to the demanding, it means there’s no ranking difference, and they are equal because of the acceptance of the truth. But Han Chinese just can’t accept no ranking difference between them. And they simply expel the truth out of their life. And they hate the truth.

When I offered evidence to prove somebody morally wrong, he didn’t told me that there were flaws in my proof. He didn’t ask me to offer more evidences, or offered his evidences to prove himself not wrong, but despised me, “Young man!” (In his mind, a young man = poorly qualified = the inferior. And it is why I made the “mistake” to make the “wrong” statement against him. And it proves himself not wrong. And that’s the way he proved himself right.)
I had ever published posts on Chinese forum to prove “Han Chinese traditional beautiful moral values” evil. Another forum user came and left a reply, “Are you a calf?” He didn’t offer any evidence to prove my statement false. (In his mind, a calf = ignorance, rash, impoliteness and the inferior. He proved my point of views wrong by proving me the inferior.)
After I got offended, I told my offender what wrongness he had done. He commanded me, “Don’t be angry! Don’t be angry!” (Why did I tell him he was wrong? He thought it was because I was angry. And he thought he had the power to restrict my emotional state. And after he arrogantly restricted me, I would not think him wrong, and he was not wrong.)
An old woman wanted to talk to me. But she acted like an arrogant master. I told her I didn’t want to talk to the rude people. She rebuked, “Was I rude?! You should know what’s forgiveness!” (She thought if she could restrict me like a master or governor, it must be my wrongness to blame her. What I did wrongly was that I was not well restricted by her. If I was well restricted, I would not blame her, and she would not be wrong.)
When some Han Chinese culture-traitors publish posts on forum to blast Han Chinese history and culture, they get rebuked, “Are you the descendants of Yanhuang (炎黄 yan huang)?” (If yes, you have NO right to seek truth. Then Han Chinese history or culture can not be attacked. Then there’s nothing wrong with Han Chinese history or culture, but superiority.)

(Too many examples! The number of the examples must be hundreds of times larger than Han Chinese population, because it is Han Chinese itself. It is the reason why they are Han Chinese. They do that everyday!)

All of the mature Han Chinese know that and themselves act in that way.
(You show me the evidence to prove me wrong? I show you my arrogance to prove you the inferior and arrogantly treat you as the inferior or assign obligations to you. Then, can I, the superior, still be wrong?
It is why Han Chinese aren’t wrong. They act in that way, whomever they are in conflict with.)

In a Han Chinese mind, you can be morally wrong because of their moral standard, but themselves can never be morally wrong, they use the relationship between the superior and the inferior to respond to your condemnation or your evidence.

How to seek truth with Han Chinese, then?
I strongly recommend a cockroach for you to seek truth with, while not Han Chinese!!!

Can I say Han Chinese tell lies all the time?
No, I can’t. It isn’t true. For example, Han Chinese say they can tell truth after getting drunk (酒后吐真言 jiu hou tu zhen yan).
But, what would they tell when they aren’t drunk? Just tell lies?
Why don’t they say that they can tell truth when they aren’t drunk?

Human needs the right values to live.
Cancer cells need a living body to live.
But Han Chinese have values that are backwards. And cancer cells destroy the living body.
When cancer cells kill the body, cancer cells kill themselves, too.
When Han Chinese destroy the right values, what kind of life can themselves live?

How different are they, Han Chinese and cancer cells?

If human wants to pursue a better life, it is conditional.
When Han Chinese pursue a better life under the conditions causing the worse life, they can only get the opposite result.
Han Chinese even pursue the better life under the conditions causing the worse one.

When Han Chinese act against something or somebody they define bad, would they make progress?

The Han Chinese patriots, those anti-Japanese patriots, would they make china better? How do themselves behave, then?

The anti-communist-regime dissidents or victims, would they make china better? How do themselves behave, then?

None of them examines themselves when they act against something or somebody. On that point, they are the same. They can’t make progress.

If you can’t make others scared, and if you want to seek truth and justice after you got offended, you would get blamed. Seek truth? Narrow minded! Seek justice? Intolerant!

What is the broadminded, then? Whatever the “truth” your offender or the people who intervene are telling, you just accept.

What is the tolerant, then? However they treat you and however they think about the treatment, you just accept without the slightest complain.

That’s the Han Chinese truth and Han Chinese justice.

It is not easy for mainland Chinese to go to college. And if you don’t have beijing citizenship or shanghai citizenship, it become harder.

When my scores were higher than some universities’ lowest passing scores for the province where I was born, I had a chance to go to that university. But my happiness only lasted for minutes. My family was happy, because they got told that they had good fortunes. And my relatives were happy, because they got told that they might have good fortunes, too. Probably they could have their fate changed one day because of my success. It made me not be able to be happy. I felt the burden on my shoulders. And most of others were not happy. Some of them even hated. One of them said, “How can a bamboo shoot come out of the grass?!” When I visited one of my primary school teachers, he was not happy either. He coldly responded to my message, “We have a neighbor’s son going to the same university. And another neighbor has a son going to the best university.” He just let me know he thought it’s nothing that I went to a university. And some others just talked behind me, “So many students are in the universities!” “I have heard that he can do nothing but reading the books.” At that time, I didn’t know what they were worried about. Today, I know why they were not happy. They were worried if I would be superior to them because I went to the college. They were worried and hated. And they despised me. They just wanted to let me know I was still the inferior, or at least I shouldn’t be superior to them. It couldn’t change my ranking to go to college. (But, did I think I was superior to them?)

Later, I made friends with some westerners. One of them, a young woman, had a problem. After she partly solved the problem and became happy, other westerners were joyful. They said, “Let’s be happy just like our daughter has her problem gone and we are happy like her parents.” I got shocked. They couldn’t know that. The shock happened deep inside my soul secretly. Let’s be happy because she became happy? Why weren’t they worried that she would be superior to them because she became happy? (The answer lies in the relationship between westerners.)

And it made me clearly know why Han Chinese hate others that much when others made success, and why sometimes Han Chinese have to be modest. Almost all of those “ignorantly” proud Han Chinese would get taught lessons to know they can only be happy secretly, or being happy inside and showing others their sorrow on their faces, just make others know they are not the superior. Or else, other Han Chinese would make them unhappy to make them inferior. (The partial Han Chinese relationship makes Han Chinese virulent and makes them not be able to be natural.)

Han Chinese just can’t be happy for you because you are happy.


( Because Han Chinese relationship is between the superior and the inferior, there are also a condition for them to be kind to others, to love others, to help others, to say sweet words to others, or to say they are in the sweet relationship with others. The condition is that others must show their inferiority first.)

When I was in an internet chatroom, a woman took the initiative to talk to me.

There’s no greeting. She asked me about my age, job, salary … like a policewoman.

I told her she was rude.

She rebuked me that she was not rude and I should know what forgiveness was, and she said, “I hope you would not treat the people around you in the same way!” (the bad way)

The woman thought I was young because I was not arrogant. And she thought it was why she could be arrogant rude. But she needed forgiveness, and she rebuked me after the forgiveness requirement, and educated me how I should treat others.

That’s just typical Han Chinese.

And, that’s the conversation between the supposed superior and the supposed inferior. And the supposed inferior was treated really as the inferior. Han Chinese relationship between the internet users is between the superior and the inferior, too, just like the offline relationship.

Why do you fight after your rights got violated if you are not thought the superior?

Han Chinese think it is because you don’t have an excuse to accept the unfairness, loss, or humiliating, or an excuse to avoid being thought the inferior (因为没有个台阶下,担心被别人看不起,所以你需要有个台阶,好在接受了别人的欺侮后还能够不被别人看不起). They don’t think you need justice, but an excuse. So they don’t help you to seek justice, but give you an excuse, the excuse to accept the loss and humiliating. So, Han Chinese have their Han Chinese way to solve the problem. Instead of seeking the justice, they will try to help you smartly find an excuse for you to accept the unfairness and the humiliating. When it is done, Han Chinese think problem is solved. They don’t think you have any reason to fight any more.

Can you seek justice, while not such an excuse, after your rights got violated? Sorry, Han Chinese can’t understand what you are asking at all.


Instead of thinking it insulting or offensive, I’d rather think if you flatter Han Chinese when you call them chinapig, because did any pig need an excuse to be happily slaughtered?


Instead of seeking their own reasons for the Mongol and Manchu conquests, Han Chinese have been seeking excuses to avoid being thought the inferior.

I posted threads (in Han Chinese) to point out the evil of Confucianism on an internet forum in China.

A man replied to my threads.

He asked me how old I was, and whether I was a calf or not. (A calf in Han Chinese means ignorant, inexperience, immature, reckless, and sometimes means rude.)

When I answered his reply to ask him to check the conditions of my statement before he made his comment. He seemed happy at his “successful” comment and said, “Do you think you got thought the inferior and got treated as the inferior? (你是不是感觉很没面子呢?)” And he warned me, “If you attack Confucianism, I will think you the inferior and treat you as the inferior further more!”

Confucians have been arrogant, rude, offensive, and humiliating. It is why Confucianism is true. It is why Confucianism can’t be wrong. And they don’t think their arrogance rudeness is their fault, but their pride, and at the same time it is why others are wrong.

I posted a thread (in Han Chinese) about politics on an internet forum in china.

Another forum user made a comment. (She labeled herself the member of Chinese Democracy Movement.)

She acted like the superior and rebuked me, “What do you know about democracy?! What would china be if people accept your idea?!”

I asked her to find the conditions of my statement.

She admitted that she hadn’t read the conditions before the rebuked me. But she rebuked again, “How could I make a true comment without the context?!” (Absolutely! So true! She thought it’s my fault that she made a comment without considering the conditions or without reading the context.)

And she rebuked me one more time, “I really don’t know what china would be if applying your idea!”


So, what did she do?

Just rebuking.

Before she knew she rebuked me wrongly, she rebuked.

When she knew she rebuked me wrongly, she rebuked.

After she knew she rebuked me wrongly, she still rebuked.

I need conditions to make a true statement. But is there any condition for her to rebuke me? No. She just can rebuke me under any condition, arrogantly, like the superior rebukes the inferior unconditionally.

If Han Chinese have to live a life looked down on by others, they would live the most unwanted life, because if they live the life of the inferior, their life has to be an inferior one. If their life is an inferior one, they can’t have any dream in their life. And they shouldn’t pursue a better life. And sometimes that means they have no rights but only obligations in their inferior humble life. All of these are because of they are thought the inferior, and the inferior has to live an inferior life to make the superior happy. And the superior can’t tolerate the inferior having a life same as theirs’. The superior Han Chinese think the inferior should, must, has to live a humble life to distinguish between the superior and the inferior. That’s the wish from the superior to the inferior. Sometimes, it is just a glass ceiling, but sometime, it is the reality and the superior is violently intolerant if the inferior livies a good life.

And if Han Chinese can live a life, in which they are the most superior and all of the others are inferior or humble servants, they just live the best life.


That’s also the Han Chinese behavior conduct when they treat others.

When I went to school, I was asked to fill a form. There’s a blank asking me who was my family ruler (家长).

We also had a class ruler (班长) in schools. And the class ruler is a decision maker if there’s any plan for the class, he/she acts absolutely like a ruler.

Such “superior” people! Democracy?

A Han Chinese mother in law
is a master,who can treat her daughter in law as a slave,
is a governor, who can make laws to restrict her daughter in law,
is the superior, who can never been blamed by her daughter in law.

And at the same time, a daughter in law
is a slave of her mother in law,
is ruled by her mother in law,
is the inferior, is nothing, who has no any right.

And Han Chinese know what the daughter in law should do. She should endure such a life, and wait, until she has a chance to become the mother in law of her own son’s wife, and to treat her daughter in law like a cruel master to release the stress she got from her mother in law.

The relationship between Han Chinese mother in law and daughter in law is the relationship between all of the Han Chinese. And the personality of the daughter in law is the personality of most of Han Chinese. When they got offended, they don’t resist, but look for chances to hurt innocent others.
That evil!

Han Chinese marriage is largely decided or planned or urged by their parents.

What kind of son-in-law’s are Han Chinese parents seeking for their daughters?

The first condition is that the son-in-law-to-be must recognize his parents-in-law’s superiority and must think he is inferior to them.

The second condition is that the son-in-law-to-be must serve his parents-in-law’s like the inferior serve the superior.

What kind of daughter-in-law’s are Han Chinese parents seeking for their sons?

The same conditions for the daughter-in-law-to-be.

It is because those conquerors were beast! It is because those conquerors were inferior to us Han Chinese.

Since 1279 when Mongols conquered the entire Han Chinese territory, no Han Chinese have seriously sought the reasons for their fall but they all have worked hard to prove themselves superior and the conquerors are inferior beasts.

Han Chinese were conquered and ruled by beasts. So, have they proven themselves the superior sub-beasts?

What an ethnic group! They had been inferior, but they have been arrogant, and can’t learn!

Typical Han Chinese live in the relationship between the superior and the inferior.

What moral values do Han Chinese adhere to to restrict their behaviors, then?

The moral values are not because of the facts or fairness, but because of what the ranking difference requires, or because of those that would help Han Chinese to become the superior. Such a way of thinking is different from the requirement of honesty. And it definitely can’t make Han Chinese honest.

And when typical Han Chinese forget or don’t know what natural values are, they think themselves, the distorted self, natural. And the abnormality just make Han Chinese naturally dishonest and against the natural values.

Han Chinese can’t be honest in their partial relationship.

If you want to be rude,

If you want to be arrogant,

If you want to offend others,

If you want to humiliate others,

If you want to distort the facts,

If you want to reverse the truth,

If you want to be hypocritical,

If you want to be contradictory,

If you want to be unfair,

If you want to be extremely biased,

I strongly recommend Han Chinese language. It would be the best for you to reach your goals, because the language is designed or developed to fit those purpose.

That’s the Han Chinese language supremacy.

Since my earliest memory, I have been educated and trained by my parents that I should be the most inferior, inferior to anybody in the world. If any of my attitudes or behaviors did not meet the requirement, I would get “educated” by anybody. That means anybody could rebuke me, teach me, even hit me to let me know I was the most inferior in the world.

And when I got offended, I couldn’t defend. I even had no rights to defend. When I needed somebody to do something for me, even if it was a deal I paid others, I should beg, and the other side could decide if my begging could be considered or not. If it wasn’t considered, I could only give up however important it was for me, because I was the most inferior, how could I think others should put any obligation on themselves because of the relationship between them and me?

I had been in that state through out my early life. And I knew what hell was.

Only when I started to learn laws, politics and wars, and when I started to know democracy, freedom, fairness, justice, dignity and honor, I started to get shocked. It is the beginning for me to know there are rights for everybody and we can defend our rights by seeking justice or honor. And nobody can be fair if they are arrogant in the relationship with others who are the citizens of the same country. And I started to seek the normal way of life and set it my thinking or behavior conduct. But it caused new problems when I worked and lived with Han Chinese. No Han Chinese thought I was normal. No Han Chinese thought I was right. I was in the conflicts with Han Chinese and they just thought I was the problem itself. They could accept an inferior me, but they couldn’t accept me if I wanted a normal and fair relationship.

Han Chinese just need others to be inferior to them to satisfy their personality state.

Everybody has their behavior-reasoning-system. And it is abstract. That means the reasoning system is an “if conditions, then statement” one and for everybody. And interestingly, usually, the behavior-reasoning-process goes unconsciously.

Because of the behavior-reasoning-system, usually a coward is also a bully, and a bully is also a coward. It is just the phenomenon we can observe or experience in our lives.

Comparing the bully-coward-reasoning-system with the rights/obligations-fairness-reasoning-system,

In a bully-coward-reasoning-system, anybody can be a bully because they are stronger than others, and when they see others are stronger than them, they think it reasonably for others to be the bully and themselves should yield.

In a rights/obligations-fairness-reasoning-system, nobody think they should surrender because others are stronger, and themselves won’t offend others because themselves are stronger. But they will ask for justice if their rights got violated and they will give others fairness if they realize that themselves offended others.

So, we definitely can’t think those people good, who surrender to the evil, because when they can make others surrender, they think they can be evil. It is reasonable for them.

Those who can accept the evil treatment by others, they will treat others evilly. They have the same reason for what they can accept and what they will give.

Good people should be honest and intolerant to the evil, and should accept justice.

After the highest level power struggle is done (new emperor got recognized), Han Chinese have the value of encouraging the offender and discouraging the victim to keep the peace under the realm.

If the victim resists or seeks justice, more pressure to the victim than to the attacker. The resisting or justice-seeking victim would get blamed because he/she is “serious, narrow-minded, intolerant, not like a great man/woman, inferior, virulent, slandering, incriminating, a trouble maker, a peace destroyer, making the society politically unstable, or blaming others after offending others”. And the victim would get told, “Surrender! If you don’t give up, if you insist on asking for punishing the offender, we will punish you.” “You and the offender will get punished equally (both getting beaten 50 hits).” “If you don’t give up, we will convict you are the offender and punish you!” “If you mention it again, you are the offender and punish you alone!” “Are you the victim? Others said that you were the offender!”

Or the victim would get fooled, “Give up seeking justice, because the offender is your working colleague/your neighbor/living in the same place with you/your classmate/you can see each other everyday/you know each other/you both are Chinese! … And because you will get benefited in the future when the offender gives you something/some chance/… (you just pay the price of getting offended to getting  benefited by the offender in the future).”

And Han Chinese have been practicing it for thousands of years.

But the side-effect of the peace-without-justice/truth is proven vital to this group.

  • People don’t fight for honor when they get invaded because the resistance has been discouraged but surrendering has been encouraged and trained.
  • Justice or truth has nowhere to be sought.
  • Nobody knows what justice or truth should be because the value of peace-without-justice/truth and the practice has confused them.
  • The Han Chinese personality is not honest-with-dignity-and-honor, but goes to the opposite.
  • The reasoning system in their minds is not rights/obligations, dignity or honor, fair or not, just or not, normal/proper or not, but taking advantage of the value to offend and use this moral value to support the offending and oppress the victim.
  • It destroys Han Chinese moral values. Han Chinese moral state and quality has been going down.

Han Chinese is an ethnic group which is morally upside down.

No fair side can be sought among Han Chinese, including in the conflicts between communists regime and Falun Gong.

Falun Gong have sentenced many communist officers to death in the name of the Gods just because they said those “criminals” had the Gods shocked.

If I had to live under a Falun Gong regime, what life could I live?

Really, I want to live a life because I am a living thing. I look for food to eat because my body needs it, while not because of any reason else. I want to go to the beach to have a sun-bath simply because I want to enjoy the sun, while not because of any reason else. I don’t want to live a life because the Gods demand me to do this or to do that for them. Unlike the life under the debated, publicly issued, and clearly explained laws, I really don’t know what the Gods need under the Gods’ rule. And I really don’t know how to avoid making the Gods unhappy or shocked. I don’t want to get sentenced to death because I made the Gods unhappy or shocked.

If I should get tried and sentenced, I would rather get tried by a tribunal and sentenced by judges by citing both the laws and my crimes, and the judges and tribunal are appointed by the government, and I can have a lawyer to defend, and the laws are made by law-makers who are elected by people, and I would rather get executed by  the government which is elected by the people. And my death sentence is because of justice, while not because of the shocked Gods. And the justice is sought because of the requirement of the normal relationship between me and others.

I really don’t want to get tried by some people in the name of the Gods. And I committed crime is not because I had the Gods unhappy or shocked.

I want to live my life, while not the life ordered by the Gods.

I want to get ruled by the authority which is elected by people, including my vote, while not the Gods, who I have never seen, or never talked to. And I have never known what the Gods have been thinking, never known what the Gods would order me to do. I don’t want to be ruled by the Gods, mastered by the Gods, or owned by the Gods. My life is mine. I live because I have my life, not because I should serve the terrible bossy master Gods.

In Falun Gong members’ or practitioners’ minds, human’s only position is the servant of the Gods, while not for human itself. And the “no-human” group claimed their “human rights” and their requirement got supported by the UN.

When the Gods have all the rights and power, and only the oppressed servant position for human, where would the human rights be?

If we suppose the communist officers are just “the Gods”, what’s the difference between “the communist Gods” and Falun Gong’s “the Gods”? If the communist regime acts against human, doesn’t Falun Gong (in the name of the Gods)?

Human rights to the anti-human group?


One of the reasons why Falun Gong needs the Gods is that they are not powerful enough to win the fighting against their enemy largely in power struggle, but can only seek the terrorist master Gods to terrify their enemy and satisfy their disappointment and satisfy their hatred, while not seeking the justice.

But, is it a human-favor group?


I have other questions,

Since the Gods create anything and rule the world, can’t they even give their human-servants human rights or guarantee the human rights? Why did Falun Gong ask United Nations to support their Human rights because they are the Gods believers?

I am afriad that what Falun Gong really wants to have is the Gods’ rights. But why do they need United Nations to support their Gods’ rights? The Gods can’t even give or protect their own Gods’ rights?

How false is it if I say what Falun Gong has been doing is to scam people and use the Gods as the tool to oppress others?

A frequently used word by Han Chinese is “abnormal”.

What are described abnormal by Han Chinese?

  • those who behave different from Han Chinese
  • those who have different ideas from Han Chinese’s
  • those who adhere to different values from Han Chinese’s
  • anything newly created or introduced

When Han Chinese see others different from themselves, they don’t consider others’ rights/obligations, or fairness, or possible making progress, or politeness. They don’t consider if others behave naturally either. What they think is that Han Chinese are normality itself. And more exactly, those Han Chinese, who are in the higher ranks, are normality itself.

But how normal are Han Chinese themselves?

Is it fair to tell lies to fool others (except fooling enemy in wars)?

But Han Chinese think it either necessary or beautiful/kind to tell lies, because

  • you can’t do anything great if you don’t tell any lie (不撒谎就做不了大事).
  • I don’t want to make you unhappy if I let you know the truth (美丽的谎言,善意的谎言).

Then, why not telling lies to become great or beautiful? Why should telling lies be evil when we have good reasons to tell lies?

That’s just the Han Chinese phenomenon.

There’s a Han Chinese phenomenon,

If you use the words, which Han Chinese use to attack others, to describe Han Chinese themselves, or if you use the words, which Han Chinese use to praise themselves, to describe those who got blamed by Han Chinese, you would find it closer to the truth.

That’s Han Chinese antonym.

Where: china

When: 21st century

Story 1

I don’t like arrogant rude people.

A teacher knew that. And she arrogantly rebuked me, “In my past life, so many people attacked my family. My father almost got incriminated to get jailed. And so many people attacked me. We just tolerated them. And today, those attackers pay respect to us. You should treat others like us. Tolerate the attackers! Heard? Remember?”

But, simply, she couldn’t tolerate me. What I did is refusing to associate with those arrogant rude people. I got no tolerance.

Story 2

A young woman liked me.

She asked me to visit her parents. If her parents agreed, she thought we should get married. And she told me I should be a tolerant person. That’s her requirement. I shouldn’t restrict her, or blame her if she did anything wrong. She also told me that her father was identified as a class enemy in the past. Her parents lost everything but lives. But her parents tolerated their attackers and now they lived happily.

I told her that I didn’t think her parents honest, though they were the victim of evil. Her parents didn’t distinguish between tolerating others and pursuing justice and truth.

She got angered and we just broke up.

She asked for tolerance, but she could tolerate nothing!

People use tolerance to restrict others. But there’s no tolerance if the requirement of tolerance gets rejected. It isn’t  because others don’t tolerate, but because themselves can’t tolerate, extremely intolerant.


I can tell the number 100 story about tolerance. But all of the stories tell the same truth that tolerance can’t be one-sided restriction or another word of dishonesty, or cowardice. Without these conditions, tolerance just becomes hypocrisy. And the so called tolerance just contributes to a worse world, because it causes less restriction to the evil.

The fact-set is the set of independent facts, phenomena, testing results, affections, …, anything existing conditionally despite we believe or not, which can be observed, experienced, tested, …

And the theory-set is the set of theories, which are made to explain some fact-set.

Then, the more facts in the fact-set, the fewer theories can be in the theory-set. And vice versa.

Any theory-making should reach the goal of having the unique theory for a complete fact-set.

But just as we all can see, we can never guarantee any fact-set is a complete one. It means we can never have a final theory for any object. Any theory can only be true under the condition of the related fact-set.



It is one of the most powerful research method to seeking the conditions for any fact’s existence.

Where: beijing
When: 21st century

I needed a telephone.
I went to a market.
When I stayed at a telephone shelf, a salesclerk came to me to introduce the products. He strongly recommended some brand in his beijing native accent. It looked nice. I bought it and asked him to give me the guaranty for repairing. He told me no need, I could go back to him if there’s anything wrong with the telephone.
Several days later, there’s something wrong with the telephone and it could not work.
I went to that market again with that telephone.
I found that salesclerk and told him what had happened.
He said nothing as if he didn’t hear.
I repeated.
“What’s wrong?!” He roared, “Wait for a while!”
“It doesn’t work!” I got angry and shouted back.
“Why did you yell so loudly?!” He shouted.
He roared first and yelled more loudly. But he rebuked me.
I angrily waited for him to handle my telephone problem.
When nobody there asked him for service, he came to me and checked the telephone, “What’s wrong with it? It looks very good. Nothing wrong.”
I told him it didn’t work, and asked him to test it.
He reluctantly went to a telephone line and connected it.
The telephone didn’t work. But he still said, “What’s wrong with it? Nothing wrong!”
I got astonished. He could even say something opposite to the truth in front of him!
I asked him whether there’s anything he could see or hear. After I repeatedly asked him that question, he accepted the return and would give me a new one.
He checked the telephone to see whether there’s any damage by me. Suddenly he cried, “Ah! There’s a fissure! You damaged it! Ah! A fissure!” He yelled. He called the natural fissure by product assembling a damage.
I asked him to look carefully.
“Ah! A fissure! Ah! So long a fissure!” He yelled more loudly. “No, you cannot return it. You damaged it by yourself. You can only have it repaired. Go to the repairing department.”
He gave the telephone back to me.
I saw him stood there as if it was none of his business.
Then, I asked him to tell me the repairing department’s telephone number and made a call. The person answering my call told me I had to send the telephone to their department, which was about 20 km away, and told me to show them the repairing guaranty, which the salesclerk refused to give me. When I asked whether I could had it repaired in the market where I bought the telephone, he said no, and told me they had the company rules and nobody could break the rules.



Why did that salesclerk treat me in that way? If I was a beijing native, would he treat me in the same way?

The only reason for him to treat me in that way is because I was not a beijing native, and he thought me the inferior. So, he could fool me, cheat me, shout at me, rebuke me, blame me, and he did nothing wrong whatever the facts were, but I did everything wrong whatever the facts were. Because he thought me the inferior, he thought me wrong and I must be wrong, he thought himself right and he must be right. Because he thought me the inferior,  he could judge and rule me after failing to fulfill his obligation. But, who is the inferior really? Why do Han Chinese act opposite to the image they think they should be?

My experience tells me that,

Han Chinese are the most arrogant in the world if they don’t get scared.

They are rude violent if they don’t get scared.

They are as vicious as beasts if they don’t get scared.

They are the Gods and they want to make the world become whatever they want if they don’t get scared.

They want to make others scared and make others think them (those Han Chinese) the most superior all the time.

But, meanwhile, they have been telling the stories that they were the victims. Comfort women, for example, comfort men (collaboration army), and those killed in Sino-Japanese war all were the victims. And the time hasn’t been able to change Han Chinese attitudes or behaviors.

So, Han Chinese are the arrogant, rude, vicious victims.

How to become a Han Chinese great man?

Han Chinese definition of a great man:
Those, who can surrender and offend, or, who can be arrogant and humble, are great men.(大丈夫能屈能伸)
When should a great man surrender?

When he thinks his opponent is more violent, more reckless, attacking more fiercely, more powerful, or crueler … i.e. when he thinks he should be afraid of his opponent, the great man thinks he should surrender.

When should a great man attack?

When his opponent is kind, friendly, considerate, gentle, polite, or at least seems not as rude or violent as himself, i.e. when he doesn’t think he has to be afraid of his opponent, the great man thinks he should attack.


How to define the men, who don’t attack, nor surrender, i.e. live in dignity and honor?
Sorry, there’s no Han Chinese definition for them, because no Han Chinese behave that way in their “superior” long history.

(The definition is actually their confession to tell the world who the Han Chinese are.)

My mother has never thought she and me can be equal. She can restrict me, but I cannot restrict her. And we cannot argue or debate. If I have any opinion different from hers, she just thinks it proves that I am the poorly qualified, and I must be the lower ranked, and it is because I occupy the lower rank why my opinion is different from hers. She thinks I should make her happy. It is why it is valuable for her to have children. But she has never thought she should do anything to make me happy. And when I made her angry, she would cry, “Why did I give birth to a person like you?!”

She asked a very good question!
She should ask it. And it is her who should answer it. I really don’t know why she gave birth to me. But she should know.

But, what a pity! That question should have been asked before she had sex with my father. I don’t think any animal asks why it will have sex before it does. But I see all of the normal animals take careful of their children without any selfish purpose. Only human, especially the parents of the Han Chinese species, give birth to children or raise children with selfish purpose. Han Chinese really need to ask themselves why they have sex before they do. Even if they only think it for one second, it is much better than they have sex without thinking.

And they should ask another question, a more important question, what relationship should be between themselves and their children?

Where: china
When: 21st century

When I walked in the street with some westerners, they asked, “Why do Chinese look so serious?”
A good question.
Most of Han Chinese have to look serious when there meet strangers. If they don’t look serious, they would get punished. Most of Han Chinese think those people inferior if they don’t look serious. And Han Chinese think they have a chance to release their mental pressure to the inferior. And they will treat the inferior rudely arrogantly.
So, it is very important for Han Chinese to show others the coldness and seriousness to get secured. (They want to let others know “I don’t trust you and I am ready to defend myself if you attack me”.)
Another question frequently asked by westerners is “Why do Chinese like to wear a suit?”
It can’t be explained by exploring Chinese physical feelings when they are in a suit, but can be partly explained if we notice that Chinese concern how others think them (the superior or the inferior). They want to make others’ attitudes by wearing a suit more than their other concerns.

When Han Chinese describe how hard their life is, they would say, “I have the old in the higher rank, and the young in the lower rank.”(上有老,下有小)
That’s Han Chinese life.

Where: china
When: 21st century

Usually, beijing natives treat non beijing natives very rudely and arrogantly. But what would happen if they see others are rude? (How do rude arrogant beijing natives interpret others’ rudeness?) And how should they do if fairly?

I was invited to a dinner in a restaurant.
One of the guests, a non beijing native woman, treated the waiters arrogantly rudely.
Another female guest, a beijing native, looked down on that woman, “A whore!” “A village whore!”

Why didn’t that beijing woman say “Bad attitude!” “Rude!” “Unfair!” but said “A village whore!”?
Villagers must be bad? The bad people must be villagers?
And beijing natives must be good? The good people must be beijing natives? (Actually it is just opposite to the truth. Beijing natives think all of the non beijing natives are villagers, though bejing natives are partly parasites sucking others’ blood in china.)
What’s a beijing native whore, then? What’s the difference between a beijing native whore and a village whore? What’s the difference between a city whore and a village whore? And how many ranks are there for whores?
How do beijing natives interpret their own rudeness, violence, arrogance, or their sub-whore behaviors? (Morally superior or higher ranked? Or, “Your rudeness proves you are the inferior, my rudeness proves me the superior?“)

That’s typical Han Chinese.
They have no normal moral theory to explain bad behaviors or to reduce the rate of bad behaviors, but to use others’ fault to unfairly attack others’ identity to make others inferior (despite how inferior their own behaviors are). So, Han Chinese cannot improve their behavior quality, but create discrimination, and cause more behavior problems. And discrimination causes more social unfairness.

Such examples can be found in Han Chinese daily life.
You did something bad? It proves you are the inferior (while not because your behavior is harmful to human interests).
I did something bad? I have all the reasons to do that if I have no fear of you! And my bad behavior even proves me the superior because I can do something bad!

Where: china
When: the end of 20th century

I got violently attacked by an arrogant student (I name him A).
I told a teacher the story.
The teacher told another teacher (I name him B) who newly got promoted and directly handle students’ behavior problems.
Next day, I got told to talk to B.
I went to his office.
When I got in, he arrogantly looked out windows without a glance at me. Minutes later, he turned back to me and arrogantly ordered me to sit down. “Somebody said that it was you who attacked first.”
“Who said that?” It surprised me.
“Why should I tell you who said that?!” He rebuked me.
I told him what the fact was.
He shouted, “No, that’s not true.”
“You can go to the site to have a look. It is obviously not like what others have told you.” I answered.
“No need!!!” “I know the truth!” “Your view is illogical!” “It is me who handle the conflict. When I think you are the responsible, you have to be the responsible! I can punish you as I want! How to punish, as I want!”
I knew there’s nothing I could talk to him.
I left his office for another teacher (I name him C.).
When we were talking, B called C. C talked to B on the phone, ” … No, it is impossible. His wounds don’t look like made by himself. Obviously he got attacked … ”
(Minutes ago, B said I attacked others. Minutes later, B said I wounded myself.)
And I could hear B said that it wasn’t true that the one who complained first was the victim. (It sounded true. But what’s the truth?)
C didn’t help B to distort the fact. But he didn’t want to solve the problem either. And he thought A was superior because he could fight.
I left C and went back to my dorm.
Two days later, one of my roommates told me that teacher B asked him to told me to surrender, “You said he distorted the truth, it is why he had distorted the truth. And he is newly promoted. New officers make three aggressive changes when they take office.(新官上任三把火) He wants to show others that he is rude violent arrogant enough to get recognized when he newly got promoted.(他要来个下马威) He wanted to make you scared. And he said if you think it was unfair, he will treat you more unfairly! You must stop making trouble!” And my roommate said other threatening words siding with teacher B and the attacker to force me to surrender. (Typical Han Chinese behavior.)
I didn’t surrender.
Later, another teacher talked to me. He told me that student A was good because he could get high scores, and A was from the north, so it was reasonable for him to violently attack others, nothing wrong with him, the only one who was wrong was the one didn’t know their habitual behavior.
That teacher admired student A because A could violently attack others. And he thought those student had the right to violent attack others if they could get high scores. (But he didn’t know usually A got high scores by cheating. And my good scores were nothing because I was not in close relationship with those teachers.)

Gradually, I knew why teacher B treated me in that way. It was because student A recognized his arrogance and flattered him. And B thought A was on his side. A was valuable for B to pursue arrogance, while I was not. And A could arrogantly offend others because he had a backer B.

When I was a little boy, I got told that I should love the Party, love homeland, love the ruled (the people), pay respect to leaders, the teachers, the older (age or generation), parents, and treat others politely (actually treat others like the inferior treating the superior), and be happy to help others, and my parents told me to be lovely to make them happy. There were other moral values, such as honesty. But I have never been ask to treat each other equally, fairly, and act with dignity, and honor. (Only honesty was practiced. If I told lies, I would get punished. But the punishment was one sided. I could never ask the higher ranked to practice honesty. They taught children to be honest in a one sided way. And themselves could be dishonest and children could not blame them.)
After I went to the university, the moral requirement changed. Probably it was because we were growing up, we should be taught to be mature. And the moral codes were practically changed to fit the order between the superior and the inferior. If there’s anybody staying in childhood believing in child-moral-values, he/she would be in conflicts with others who grew up to be “mature” earlier, and got labeled “immature”, and got looked down on. And the immature ones themselves would have mental conflicts. If the immature ones practiced those child-moral-values, they got blamed, hated, and stopped.
The immature students didn’t know what true moral values were, what moral values were hypocritical. And they would use those child-moral-values to be their behavior conduct and to restrict others, too.
After I graduated, I was forced to be a mature man. If I was immature (adhered to child-moral-values), i was not only an immature fool, but also a useless tool of others. I would have problems when I wanted to find a job. And when I used those child-moral-values to restrict the superior or the “leaders”, I even angered them and got threatened.

Han Chinese have moral values to restrict the upper or the lower with double standards. And Han Chinese all have to experience the U-turn moral-value-change in the years being raised.

The Han Chinese say, “Fuck your mom in the pussy!”

I don’t know how many Han Chinese or how many times they say that to others everyday. But it might be more than they say “thank you” or “sorry”.

But, why do they (men or women) say,


“Mom’s pussy!”
“Your mom’s pussy!”

“Fuck your mom!”
“Fuck your mom in the pussy!”
“I fuck your ancestor!”
“I fuck eighteen generations of your ancestor!”
And some women would say, “Fuck your dad!”
But they don’t say,
“Fuck your wife.”  or  “Fuck your daughter.”  or  “Fuck your son.”  They don’t even say “Fuck you!”

What’s the difference?

It is because of the generation difference.

Why can the generation difference be used to offend?
It is because of the Han Chinese psychological problem. They have different attitudes towards different generations and the rights/obligations are different between different generations.

So, it is definitely different between “fuck your mom” and “fuck your wife” or “fuck your daughter”. (One can be considered superior by fucking another’s mom or dad, and can only be considered inferior by fucking another’s wife, daughter or son. It cannot offend others for Han Chinese to say “fuck your daughter”. Han Chinese think it can only offend themselves to say “fuck your daughter” (to become others’ son in law to be considered inferior). So, no Han Chinese say that. But a lot of Han Chinese say “fuck your mom”.)
* Han Chinese say “fuck your mom” to humiliatingly offend others.

** And you know sex is free for foreigners in China. If you are interested in the details about the Han Chinese, you can find more info here. And the Han speakers are truthfully explained with their switching Han Dam.

How do Han Chinese show others their higher rank? They would shout at you, “It has to be as I say!”(我说什么就是什么), or, “I can do as I want!”(我想要怎样就怎样), or, “I can treat anybody in the way as I want!”(我想怎样对谁就怎样对谁).

So, when Mongols conquered and ruled Han Chinese, Mongols must have obeyed the orders from Han Chinese to conquer Han Chinese and to rule them.
When Manchu conquered and ruled Han Chinese, Manchu must have obeyed the orders from Han Chinese to conquer Han Chinese and to rule them.
When Liao and Jin attacked Han Chinese, Han Chinese must have ordered them to do so.
When Japanese and USSR soldiers raped Han Chinese, the rapers must have had to do, because Han Chinese ordered them to do.

Han Chinese, the considered master of the universe, think themselves higher than the God, if the God exists.

But, why have Han Chinese been crying and saying that they got invaded? Isn’t it what they ordered?

What should we defend when we get criticized?

Simply, we should defend fairness and our interests under the condition of fairness.

Then, how to define fair or not?

  • Rights/obligations fair or not. When we talk about fairness, we should consider the rights/obligations in the relationship. Then, it is the first condition of fairness that the rights/obligations in the relationship are fair, normal and proper.
  • Facts. Another condition is needed when we talk about fairness. That is citing facts, while not defining the people good or bad, or any way else.
  • Proper way of thinking. Fairness can be considered some true statement. And a true state depends on the way of thinking. Then, fairness also depends on properly thinking.
  • Right to criticize. I think we have the right to criticize anybody. Other than thinking criticism attack, I would rather think criticism a way of learning. If we think that we have to take the same consequence others have already taken if we are under the same condition, then, we should study the consequence and its conditions. And others just offered examples. And if we are honest enough, we shouldn’t keep silent if we have found something is really harmful. If somebody just thinks that criticism equals to offending or attack, he/she must be extremely narrow minded. And those people can’t learn. We also have the right to learn if others harmful or not, and it’s also a way of protecting ourselves. Human rights can’t mean that nobody can be criticized. After all, criticism does not equal to slandering, incriminating, or framing.

So, despite how unhappy we would be when we get criticized, we should think it fair if the criticism is made under the conditions of fair rights/obligations, citing facts, proper way of thinking, and the right of the criticizer.

And we should distinguish between rights, interests and traits, culture, personality, knowledge, ideas, the way of thinking, behaviors, attitudes, … If one of them gets criticized, it doesn’t mean unfair, or it doesn’t mean your rights get violated, or your interests get damaged. Especially when your own traits, culture, personality, knowledge, ideas, the way of thinking, behaviors, attitudes, … all or partly are against your own interests, even against your protecting your rights, not only is the truthful criticism not the attack (from an enemy), but also it is helpful to your own interests.

So, good criticism is critically or pivotal to our own interests. If the criticism is also constructive, it can cause our development. But why are there people who can’t get criticized? Why are there people who can only think criticism hostile attack? What kind of people are they?

Anybody, if they are psychologically not free, can’t properly understand criticism.

Then, what conditions would make people psychologically not free?

  • psychological barriers
  • pressure from the unmet needs, desires or because of the wishes or needs under threat
  • improperly experienced feelings
  • pressuring relationship like the one between the superior and the inferior (Such relationship also causes no truth for everybody but ranking difference, partial personality, pursuing to be arrogant, and the way of thinking (because of ranking position, while not anything else.))
  • improperly restricted by some habits developed compulsorily
  • the experience of being criticized with being hurt (It makes people unable to distinguish between criticism and attack.)

Unfortunately, Han Chinese are under all of the conditions. And some of the conditions are only for Han Chinese. It is one of the reasons why Han Chinese haven’t been able to evolute in more than 1000 years. They just can’t learn. They can’t even learn when others point out their evils. They simply think the criticism the hostile attack. And they think the criticism mostly hurts (because of the psychological barriers which themselves don’t know) and makes them sound the inferior, what they mostly fear.

Han Chinese have been showing the world how superior they are. But the superior arrogant Han Chinese can’t even distinguish between interests and traits. “You criticize our traits? You must be fighting against our interests. You must hostile. You are even hateful. You must be our enemy.” Han Chinese traits become interests, while not the elements which affect interests. But Han Chinese think themselves the superior, superior enough to be unable to distinguish between the above two.

Falun Gong’s trademark: truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

Falun Gong members or practitioners’ behaviors illustrated their trademark,


What we say must be the truth. You don’t agree with us? You told lies!!! You are a …ist. Your comment is …ism. You are hateful. You are narrow minded. You are biased. You are ignorant. You must be a communist dog. Do you think you have the right to comment on Falun Gong? We are the truth itself! And we are the victims. How can’t the victims hold the truth?


You should treat us kindly. Or else, you are cruel. And we will let you know what cruelty is!


You disagree with us? You can’t accept our behaviors or Falun Gong theories? You reject our “kind offer” of annoying and disrupting? You slandered us! You deliberately incriminated us! You wanted to kill us! You don’t know what tolerance is! Do you know we have sentenced Jiang Zemin to death in the name of God? Jiang couldn’t tolerate Falun Gong and had the Gods shocked. And the shocked Gods just let him die.

We, Falun Gong members or practitioners, have human rights, because obviously we have human DNA. We are the victims! We should defend our human rights and the beautiful values, and we have been doing! If you say anything that shows you aren’t siding with us, you should get educated by United Nations! UN will let you know what human rights are! And we will let you know what truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance are!


Communist regime also has its beautiful trademark: you can take whatever you want in a communism society, the people’s moral state will be exceedingly high, and all of the social conflicts or problems will disappear.

So, how to get into a communism heaven?

We should eliminate all of the class enemies. They are the reasons why we have been in a painful society. Let’s educate them by forcing them to work hard. And let’s kill.

Let’s take whatever we want from you. You resist? You are an anti-communism enemy! You don’t know communism means we can take whatever we want.

After the class enemy got eliminated, crimes would disappear. Because do you have any right to be violated? How can a crime be committed if nobody has any right? And when we attack somebody, it must be because he/she is a class enemy. And we simply define him/her a class enemy after we attacked him/her. Then, that isn’t a conflict inside a communism society. So, you should be careful to avoid being defined the class enemy.

And you should listen to or sing the songs to “Thank you the Party Mom for your kind milk”.


Han Chinese traditional beautiful moral values: Xiaoshun (serve and obey), pay respect to the older, pay respect to the older generations, love the young, generous, loyalty, and happy to offer help.

And Han Chinese have been offering numerical examples in their 5 thousand of years of shining civilized history.


The sons and daughters should obey parents’ orders, and even know what parents want before they tell their children, and children should serve their parents to make them happy. The children should know how hard it is for the parents to breed and raise them. If the children don’t serve the parents, the parents would rather farm pigs. The parents can eat pigs’ meat after feed them. How can the children be less valuable than the pigs?

Pay respect to the older, pay respect to the older generations:

You should know we have eaten more rice than you, we have crossed more bridges than you, we have seen or experienced more than you. Probably, we have eaten more salt than the rice you have eaten, we have crossed the bridges which length in total is longer than the length of the path you have walked on. How can’t you pay respect to us the older or us of the older generations?

And all of these are because our parents had sex earlier than your parents.

Love the young:

The young people, you should obey (听话). When having meals together, you should let us the older people eat first. If there are no enough seats, you should let us sit. You should serve us. You can’t have any idea different from ours. You should listen while not speak. You can’t reject our demanding. If you don’t obey, or you reject our demanding, or you even have different ideas from ours, we are sure we will rebuke you, educate you, or punish you. And you should appreciate us after getting rebuked. If you argue with us, I warn you that you will get slapped! Young (the inferior)!


You should act generously when we demand you to donate. And you should not fight if your rights get violated. Are ourselves generous? Hm, we make you generous. It is generous.


You should be loyal to me whatever I do. It’s loyal because it is unconditional. If you set behavior standard for the people you are loyal to, you are not loyal. You are rebellious or treacherous.

Happy to offer help:

If you refuse when I order you to work for me, I will rebuke, “Fuck your mom in her pussy! Do you know you should help others? How did your teachers educate you?!” (There’s no border between “happy to offer help” and enslave.)


Chinese Democracy Movement’s trademark: democracy, and freedom.

We, democracy activists, have been fighting against evil communist regime because we want a free and democratic china. You even said we were not democratic? Do you know what democracy is? Is there anything you can know? You the blinded dog! (You should get educated, lightened, and rebuked by us. You the rude young!)


Probably, there are exceptions among those groups. But most of the members of those groups behave like what I described above.

We can see how those beautiful values go to the opposite if there are no clear rights/obligations or fair consideration in the relationship. No moral value could be moral if the moral value isn’t considered impartially and fairly benefit both sides. And that’s why the extremely good becomes the extremely evil.

Han Chinese traditional beautiful moral values, communism dreams, democracy goals, and Falun Gong’s trademark, all are the same Han Chinese in different suits.  They don’t know what rights/obligations are. They can’t think in the way of fairly considering all of the parties’ rights or obligations. They don’t know what should the normal relationship be between people, between people and natural, between one’s interests and one’s traits. They don’t know what fairness is at all because there’s no rights/obligations in their minds. And the one-sided personality makes them go opposite to their beautiful words. Hypocrisy, inconsistency, contradiction, and abnormality developed in their partial relationship are their real trademark. And that has never been changed whatever suits they were in since they had their written history.

If Han Chinese are still Han Chinese, how can they have the future like westerners’?

After defeated by invaders,

Han Chinese comforted the invaders. But they have never comforted me.

Han Chinese have served the invaders. But they have never served me.

Han Chinese knelt to the invaders. But they have never been expected to kneel to me (I don’t want it, either).

Han Chinese treated the invaders so friendly. But they have never treated me friendly like that.

Han Chinese arrogantly rebuke me. But they didn’t rebuke their invaders.

Han Chinese educated me to make me become the person meeting their demanding. But they didn’t educate their invaders.

Han Chinese master me. But they didn’t master the invaders.

Han Chinese rule me. But they didn’t rule the invaders.

Han Chinese tell me what’s right what’s wrong. But they didn’t tell invaders that.

Han Chinese can’t accept me if there’s anything different from their demanding. But they accepted any behavior, any attitude, any idea from the invaders.

Oh! Really, invaders are my envy! I, the “dear-from-the-same-womb” of Han Chinese, have never enjoyed “invader-treatment”.


Only one arritude is the same. I don’t have to think it my envy. That is Han Chinese arrogance. They look down on me. And they even looked down on the invaders when they knelt on the gound (sure they despised their conquerors SECRETLY when they warmly smiled to invaders).

Where: beijing
When: the end of 20th century

There’s an exhibition showing people what great progress Chinese Communist Party had achieved.
I got a ticket and went there.
I waited in the line to get checked (for security).
When it was my turn, I stood at the check point to let the security people to check me. A woman in uniform ordered me to do what she wanted. But she was very rude, arrogant, and unhappy. Exactly I’d say she was hateful, because she saw I was young, didn’t look violent, and more because I was apparently not a beijing native. After she checked my body, she ordered me to open my hands with discrimination, hatred and anger in beijing accent. I was not able to understand what she said immediately, because of her fast, discriminating, and hateful accent. Then she ordered me to do again hatefully without looking at me. I still could not understand what she said. All of a sudden, she thundered “Open your hands!!!” with extreme hatred and her faces looked like heated to be red. I opened my hands. She checked and shouted “Go!”.

It is my experience to enjoy the achievement of my great homeland.
It is the treatment I got from the people living in the heart of my great homeland.
It is the treatment from my dear from-the-same-womb.
And it is one of the footmarks of what Han Chinese have been telling.

Chinatown is called “唐人街” in Han Chinese, which means “the street of Tang people”.
Tang Dynasty existed from A.D. 618 till A.D. 907.
This year is A.D. 2008.
There are main dynasties of Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing in last 1101 years of Han Chinese history.
Why don’t Han Chinese call chinatown “the street of Song people” or “the street of Yuan people”? Aren’t Song or Yuan Han Chinese history?
Do Han Chinese forget their own shining civilized history? Why do they forget it?
Have Han Chinese had their own history lost?
Where are 1101 years of Han Chinese history gone?

Although, Han Chinese show others their 5000 years of shinning civilized history all the time to prove their superiority and despise other ethnic groups, they don’t even know whereabouts of the latest 1000 years of their own history.

Can the arrogant group answer those questions?

Where: china
When: 21st century
One of my working colleagues told me that his friend came back from Germany. His friend told him the breaking news about his great discovery. “German are the most foolish people in the world! They believe whatever you say!!! They are the easiest to be fooled!!!” “But, (sigh) they only trust you one time. They won’t trust you any longer once you fool them.”

After their rudeness, or arrogance, or offensive request getting rejected, some extremely rude arrogant Han Chinese would say “给脸不要脸!” to the victim. It means, I wanted to honor you, but you were even inferior enough to reject the pride.
They don’t think others have the right to reject them.
They think they honor others when they offend others.

So, when Mongols invaded them to “honor” them, they were superior enough to take the honor and knelt. When Manchu invaded them to “honor” them, they were superior enough to take the honor to kneel.

And, when they fought against Mongols, or Manchu, or Japanese invaders, they must have been inferior enough to reject the honoring. And is it even the reason why they didn’t fight to death in the battlefield, because they wanted to get honored?

Han Chinese are unbelievably evil. The arrogant one-sided! The arrogant insane!

When you ask others to do something for you, probably, you think you should say “Thank you” to others.
But in many cases, Han Chinese reverse it.
If Han Chinese think themselves superior than others, when they master others to do something for them, they say “I give you the chance to serve me. If I don’t, even if you want to serve me, you cannot.” Then, others should say “Thank you (for your giving me a chance to serve you)” after serving.

I remember that when Chinese emperors wanted to kill somebody, the victim must say “Thank you for the great giving”.

What an arrogant group!

Han Chinese is really different from, even opposite to, any other group in the known world. After all, this is a group that can look down on its masters with their knees getting down on the ground.

Where: Sanyuanli Village, Guangzhou, China
When: AD 1841

“In 1841 the city offered stubborn resistance to the attacking English troops, with the peasants of Sanyuanli (today a suburb of Canton) particularly …”
Han Chinese describe it as a heroic action. And it is a victory over the English invaders.

But in 1841, Han Chinese was ruled by Manchu.
They didn’t resist to Manchu rulers. They fought for their Manchu masters.

That’s Han Chinese. And they are Han Chinese “heroes”!

Can it be mathematically true?
You would say “no”.
But Han Chinese do the math everyday.
Usually, in free markets in mainland china, if the buyer wants to buy 1 Jin of some commodity, the seller gives only 8 Liangs of it. (1 Jin = 10 Liangs = 500 grams, 8 Liangs = 400 grams = 0.8 Jin ) And few feel strange. If the buyer gets angry, he/she will soon be under pressure from the seller and the bystanders, as if it was the victim who had offended the offender. The resisting buyer will get blamed “So serious!” “Narrow minded!” “You don’t want the seller to make profit?” “Give up!” “You break the market order!” …
The offender has all the reasons to offend, and along with the bystanders, they have all the reasons to oppress the resistance.

What a Han Chinese value!

“I won’t …, even if I got beaten to death.” (打死我也不…)
It is very popular.
Many Han Chinese say that everyday.
Han Chinese say that to express how much they don’t want to do something.
“I won’t go there, even if I got beaten to death.”
“I won’t buy it, even if I got beaten to death.”
“I won’t do it, even if I got beaten to death.”

But there are questions.
Is it their duty to get beaten? Do others have the right to beat them? Do others have the right to ask them to do something by beating them? Can they make any decision because of getting beaten or not? If getting beaten, should they obey others? If getting no beaten, should they be absolutely free?
Is it their right to do something? If yes, why don’t they say “It is my right to do …, I will fight back if anybody stops me by beating me.” Or, if it is their right not to do something, why don’t they say “It is not my duty to do …, nobody can force me to do by beating me.”
Why getting beaten or not becomes a reason for Han Chinese to decide to do something or not? Why is it related to getting beaten or not for them to do something?
Why don’t they say “Nobody has the right to beat me. Please prepare for getting beaten back if you beat me.” Why do their words indicate that others have the right to beat them?
If Han Chinese want to intervene others, do they think they have the right to beat others?

(It is not a minor problem. It is a big one, even one of the biggest Han Chinese problems. It shows the reasons for Han Chinese behavior. And it shows how Han Chinese understand the rights and obligations. And in many cases, it can be used to explain Han Chinese behaviors or attitudes towards others. It reflects Han Chinese psychological state, personality state, the state of Han Chinese relationship, and it affects Han Chinese attitude, behavior, philosophy and ethics theory or moral conduct.)

Who is right? Who is wrong?

What is right? What is wrong?

Why is it right? Why is it wrong?

Han Chinese have their hanchinese answer.

“I am a bully, who can scare me?”(我是流氓,我怕谁?) That’s the Han Chinese answer. And it is very famous and popular. Most of Han Chinese know that. Why? It is because Han Chinese can get scared by a bully and surrender to a bully. And when you are a bully, you can make others get scared, who can scare you, then? That’s Han Chinese.

Since a bully has nobody to scare, he/she must be right, and must has all of the rights, and must be free to do anything, because nobody can scare him/her to restrict him/her. Scared or not, becomes the reason for Han Chinese value and behavior conduct. That is one of the foundations of all of Han Chinese ethical theories. Simply speaking, if I am a bully, I can’t be wrong and I can act freely as if others are not existing or others have no any right. Right or wrong is because of having somebody to scare or not, while not because of fairness. The rights or the obligations, dignity or honor, isn’t their concern or the reason for their behaviors.

So, the people, who are in the highest rank, must be the number one bully in the ranking system and they are absolutely right. And if they get attacked by stronger foreign force, they don’t fight for honor to death. They simply surrender, because they think they should surrender to a bully, and the bully is right and Han Chinese themselves should be wrong. That’s also their personality and the behavior conduct. That is just the reality of  Han Chinese, the Han Chinese individual personality, or the Han Chinese ethnic group’s “personality”.
The bully is a relative one. Relatively, the stronger is a bully, and the weaker is not. The violent one can be a bully, the peaceful one can’t. A is stronger than B, A is a bully. But if A is weaker than C, A isn’t a bully, while C is.

When I was in beijing, I found that most of beijing natives hated non natives, and if they had to talk to non natives, usually they shouted hatefully arrogantly like the master even tyrant and as if they were the superior, though they were not competitive when they went to schools or when they tried to find a job.

But when I remembered that they or their ancestors were victims of invaders, I couldn’t believe how they could be the victim. So arrogant, so hateful, so vicious, so violent victim? And I, others also, was asked to struggle for the rise of china. What’s the rise? The rise of arrogant offender? The rise of arrogant beasts in human skin? The rise of hatred? The rise of hateful rude “victim”? How could such arrogant rude animals become the victim? It just puzzled me a lot.

And non beijing natives were caught by their dear “from the same wombs” to Changping concentration camp. And they thought it a patriot action. Patriot? To hate and enslave and expel their dear “from the same wombs” to be patriots? So, should I fight against my dear from the same wombs to be a Han Chinese patriot, too?

How much difference between the evil and the Han Chinese Victim or Han Chinese patriots?

I had ever read a book in beijing library. The author told a story to show how bad Kuomintang soldiers were.

When Kuomintang army fought against Japanese army near Tianjin

A wounded Kuomintang soldier went into a brothel in Tianjin city, scolding
“I, the superior man (老子), sacrificed in the front line! You enjoyed pleasure in whorehouse!”
He angrily ordered a prostitute to serve him.
After the sex service, the soldier peed.
Then he ordered the prostitute to drink up his urine.
The prostitute hesitated.
The soldier took out his gun to force the prostitute to do. And she did.

The author concluded that Kuomintang soldiers were that bad!

But I want to ask questions.
Had any Japanese soldier forced Chinese comfort women to drink up his urine after sex service?
If the Chinese prostitute had a chance to choose between to serve her dear from-the-same-wombs and to serve Japanese invaders, which one would she prefer?

Han Chinese is the ethnic group deserving all it has suffered from!

War over territory or war over arrogance? China-India War 1962-1963

What I can know in china about the war
1. We won easily.
2. We gave those military devices back to India after having them repaired to despise Indian and to humiliate them.
3. Surprisingly, the territory is still in Indian hands (Arunachal Pradesh).

What’s wrong with Han Chinese?
Probably, there are many explanations. But arrogance is absolutely one of the factors affecting Han Chinese behavior.

The story about Li Zicheng, Wu Sangui, and Manchu ,

I want to ask questions,

Han Chinese Wu Sangui has been portrayed as a traitor.
But if Wu hadn’t asked Manchu for help, what could he do? Should he have waited to get attacked, or to get humiliated, or to get eliminated by his dear “from-the-same-womb”, Li Zicheng, to show his loyalty to Han Chinese ethnic group?
If Han Chinese Li Zicheng hadn’t been a traitor of his own ethnic group, why did he attack the frontier soldier Wu by engaging most of his power relentlessly?
Should Li humiliate Wu when he demanded Wu to surrender? Should Li be so arrogant, rude, or humiliating?
If the Han Chinese considered it to be the most important to keep their honor when they were under the pressure from invaders, should they have examined their own behaviors or attitudes towards each other to keep united?
Why was it so difficult or even impossible for Han Chinese to unite and fight against invaders?

There is the law of Han Chinese, which governs them:
If I am the superior, I can treat the other side offensively and humiliatingly, but at the same time, I think the other side should surrender to me and be under my rule. They don’t expect the victim to  resist.

Governed by this law, they behave in the Han Chinese way.

But the other side is naturally unwilling to surrender or cooperate after getting attacked or offended. And if the other side still has considerable power, they would resist. If there’s the third party, despite it is foreign force or not, the weaker side will seek help from the third party. Then, the Han Chinese history happens.

Huang Gai‘s faked surrender is crucial to allies’ victory over Cao Cao in the battle of red cliff.

But, I’d like to ask,
Can surrender be a faked one?
Can anybody use the faked surrender to fool their enemy to win the battle?
If the answer is Yes, then
Can their opponent trust them?
How to treat them if they surrender?

Then, let us come to the Nanking Massacre.
Did Han Chinese surrender to Japanese?
Even if Han Chinese had surrendered, could Japanese trust them? Would it be another faked surrender?
What could Japanese do in that case?

Any better choice other than chopping all of those untrustworthy heads off?

Han Chinese:

We are culturally superior. Mongols and Manchu could conquer us, but they couldn’t conquer our culture or our personality. On the contrary, they got influenced by our culture. And in the end, it is our culture that conquered Mongols and Manchu, while not us who got conquered by them. It is us Han Chinese with our superior culture and personality who became the conquerors.

We are superior to our conquerors and our rulers.


But it is one of the reasons why Han Chinese are inferior. They only need superiority to be arrogant, while not learn the lessons and seek the truth to become superior. Han Chinese can’t learn.

Because we are the victim of Japanese, westerners, Manchu, Mongols, … We, Han Chinese,

want to have a “great Tokyo rape”. Why? Because we are the victims.
want to have a “Tokyo massacre”. Why? Because we are the victims.
call Japanese “the dog-fathered inferior Japanese monsters”. Why? Because we are the victims.
call westerners “the monsters from the sea” or “the monsters”. Why? Because we are the victims.

have good reason to commit the copyright theft. Why? Because we are the victims.
can sign contracts to fool others to violate others’ rights. Why? Because we are the victims.
can force our dear “from the same wombs” to accept our offending in the name of patriotism. If they resist, we would rebuke them, “I fuck your mom in her pussy. Don’t you know we are the victims? Don’t you know to take the pride back?” Why? Because we are the victims.
have been proving the Mongols and Manchus are beasts. Why? Because we are the victims.


You would not know that the exact reasons are because we are arrogant, rude, and proud to be the offenders, and we can immediately become the rogue if we get defeated or get punished.

Han Chinese have their traditional beautiful moral value of “To restrict oneself and free others”(严以律己,宽以待人). And they show those words anywhere to let others know that they are the group of beautiful moral values.
But what does the moral value exactly mean?
Does it mean Han Chinese treat others like what they say in their moral value?
Whom do Han Chinese use it to describe? Themselves or others?
Like any other Han Chinese moral value, you cannot understand it just because of the words.
No Han Chinese describes themselves “I am the person who restricts myself and frees others.” When they describe people with those words, those people must be others. So, others restrict themselves and free other people. And the describers are the beneficial ones and praising the self-sacrificed others.
Many Han Chinese use that moral value as their motto. But the motto is not shown themselves, but shown others. It means those, who see the motto, should restrict themselves and free others.

All of Han Chinese beautiful moral values should be interpreted in that way to be the truth.

Where: china

When: 21st century

There’s something wrong with my computer. I searched information in newspaper and found some. I made calls. And I made an agreement on the phone that I would pay 50 Yuan after my computer got fixed.

But I got charged 120 Yuan.

I argued that I had made an agreement on the phone.

“But we should charge you 120 Yuan.” answered the repairer.

I continue arguing, “You can’t change it without negotiating with me. You shouldn’t make a decision on your side alone.”

“So, you want to make a decision on your side alone, don’t you!” shouted the man.



That’s the typical Han Chinese way of argument. There’s no negotiation between two equal sides to solve problems but either this side or that side to make a one sided decision to solve the problem, just like the upper rules the lower. The voices from two sides can’t be equally heard or be fairly considered.

Han Chinese with their unbalanced psychological state just can’t have it in their mind that solutions can be found based on equal rights.

And that’s one of the reasons why Han Chinese are locked in power struggle all the time. Nobody wants to be the lower to be governed by the upper in conflicts.

Han Chinese think western people are cruel, because they leave the old people alone. And Han Chinese use that as an evidence to prove themselves are kind, better and more civilized. And it’s the reason for them to force younger generations to go back home to make the old family member not lonely. And they don’t think it cruel unfair to the younger generations. They don’t think it abnormal or harmful to the entire group either.

Usually, when typical Han Chinese give a hand to those who need help, they would say, “Don’t forget that we have ever helped you. You should pay back when you rise one day.” or, they would set conditions for the help, or they would act like the owners and threaten, “You don’t obey? I will abandon you!” And to control others is the main reason why Han Chinese help others.

If you argue that we shouldn’t pay respect to people only because of the age difference, or on the contratry, we shouldn’t despise people only because of the age difference, you would get rebuked by Han Chinese, “If we don’t pay respect to the old, should we pay respect to the young?” That’s what Han Chinese can find in their mind. Nothing else.

At many intersections in china, you can see the slogan, “You should think you’d rather cede 3 minutes than fight for 1 second earlier.”(宁让三分,不抢一秒) What Han Chinese can find in their mind is either cede or fight. Han Chinese can’t find the  third choice.

It is because Han Chinese have the unbalanced mind in their unbalanced relationship. They can’t even know there’s the third choice other than the choices for the upper or the lower.

There are many Han Chinese moral values or behavior conducts. They are even “beautiful”. But one of the Han Chinese traits is that there’s no values for anybody, anywhere or anytime. So, when you got blamed, rebuked or retorted by Han Chinese, you can’t ask, “Why did I do anything wrong, I just did the same as that they (Han Chinese) did?”or, “Why is it wrong at this time, but it was right at that time?” or, “Why is it wrong here, but they (Han Chinese) didn’t think it wrong there?” And you would get rebuked, “You are you, are you the same as us?” or, “Now is now, then is then!” or, “Here is here, there is there!” You just can’t try to find any consistent reason in Han Chinese values for anybody, anywhere or anytime. And no “real Han Chinese” adhere to the values for anybody at anytime in any place. They adhere to the moral value or conduct of “How we need it”. And all of the typical Han Chinese have the only “consistent” one.

Why did Japanese invade china? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

Why did Japanese fight on our land (actually, Manchu Empire’s land) against Russian colonists? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

Why did Japanese leave Asia? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

Why have we, Han Chinese, been so arrogant? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

Why did we work as comfort men or comfort women for Japanese invaders? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

Why did Japanese conquer a large part of Asia? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

why did Japanese fight to death in battle field? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

Why are Japanese bad? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

Why have Japanese products been sold all over the world? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

Why do Japanese have factories in china? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

Why do the inferior Japanese (小日本) call us china(支那)? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

Why do Japanese use Han Chinese words? Because we think Japanese are the inferior.

The dog-fathered inferior Japanese monsters!

Who are we, then? We are Han Chinese the superior!

There’s another reason for Falun Gong members to be right.

We, Falun Gong members, didn’t offend others after we offended others. Why? It is  because we were fighting against the offender, the communists.

How can Falun Gong be evil? We are fighting against the evil communists!

We are fighting against the evil! How can ourselves be evil?


(If it isn’t because of truth, fairness or justice? What can restrict Falun Gong members’  behaviors? And how can’t themselves be evil? That’s my question.)

The members of Falun Gong,

Falun Gong is good. Why? It is because we are the victims.

Falun Gong is right. Why? It is because we are the victims.

Falun Gong can’t get criticized? Why? It is because we are the victims.

If you criticize Falun Gong, your speech must be a hateful speech. Why? It is because we are the victims.

We, the members of Falun Gong, can be arrogant and rude.  Why? It is because we are the victims.

We can force others to accept our advertisement. Why? It is because we are the victims.

We can violate others’ rights. Why? It is because we are the victims.

We can offend others. Why? It is because we are the victims.

We can arrogantly judge others and rule others. Why? It is because we are the victims.

We act as if we were the master of the universe. Why? It is because we are the victims.

Because we are the victim, we can be so arrogant, so rude and so vicious.

Facts? Truth? Fairness? Justice? We hold all of these, because we are the victims.


Remark 1

How did I get to know Falun Gong?

(Although Falun Gong is just an example of my theory, instead of being interested in Han Chinese, most of the readers are interested in the information about Falun Gong much much more. And I want to talk a little more about it.)

Scientists can’t explain all of the phenomena.

I didn’t know what Falun Gong was until 1990s. I had two classmates who were the fans of Falun Gong. They tried to explain anything by citing Falun Gong theory. And one of them argued with a teacher in class. His main point of view was that scientists failed to explain everything in the world, and it meant physics failed, and some new theory was needed. Another classmate asked, “Since you said your theory could be used to explain everything, can you know what I am thinking?” That Falun Gong classmate answered, “I know you are thinking that I can’t know what you are thinking.” Another Falun Gong fan shared a room with us. I didn’t know what his theory was exactly. But I knew he had never been wrong. He just couldn’t be wrong. He was right and more than right. He was arrogant and inconsiderate. He could ask for anything and treat others in anyway, and he was not wrong. But if others behaved in the same way, others were seriously wrong. No matter what conflict he was in with others, others were wrong, he was right, despite he behaved unfairly and against his own values. And he’s the ruler of the room. He could poke his nose into others’ business and could force others to obey his rule by threatening to use force. He just confused me a lot. How could he behave against his own theory and so inconsistent?

Years later, I went to a university. There’s a place for Falun Gong practitioners to practice their Gong. They listened to Falun Gong music and danced. I knew one of them, a young man teaching engineering in that University. One day when we went to class, we accidentally started to talk about Falun Gong. It gave him a chance to give a long speech, though I was the only audience. His main point of view was the same as that I heard before. Physics failed. We needed a new theory to explain the world and guide our life. And in the end, he stated that physics more than failed, it made our life painful. We needed another way of life. I couldn’t argue with him. What I could do was to smile. After all, I thought he should have the right of speech freedom, though it was in china, under the communist regime. He saw me smiling and he knew I didn’t agree with him. He then despised me, “Young!” (Han Chinese think young means inferior.)

Defending freedom

On April 25th, 1999, over 10,000 Falun Gong members surrounded Zhongnanhai practicing their Gong. They explained that they just wanted to practice their Gong, nothing else. It confused me further. USA is the defender of freedom in the world. Can American government accept 10,000 members of some group sitting and surrounding White House to practice some sports for their health? If they wanted to fight against the communist regime, why did they say they just practiced their Gong? If they just wanted to practice their Gong, why did they surround Zhongnanhai?

I also heard that many Falun Gong members went to a TV station to protest. (That young teacher was among them and got caught to a custody.)

And later I heard that thousands of Falun Gong members went to a Press to protest an article written by He Zuoma. I got astonished. If Mr. He said something wrong in his article, I thought the right way to protest was to offer facts to disprove his point of view. Why did so many Falun Gong members go to that Press? Did it mean they would be right because they protested? Did it mean they would be right because they could show their numbers? And did Falun Gong members thought others had any right to comment or have different thoughts, even if the thoughts were wrong? If Falun Gong members wanted freedom, did they know others should also enjoy the same freedom as that themselves wanted? It was because of that event, I started to think that Falun Gong was another oppressive group. I couldn’t expect any freedom under a Falun Gong regime if they succeeded.

Fighting against the evil communist regime

Soon after the Zhongnanhai Dafa Practice, Falun Gong Group got banned in china. But we still directly “communicated” with Falun Gong. How? We could get fax from overseas Falun Gong Group. All of the contents in those faxes were anti communist regime or “truth telling” to tell others how cruel communists were, and some of them also advertised how good Falun Gong was. But why did Falun Gong members think we were in need of their fax? Why did they think we wanted to get their fax at midnight? Why did they think we needed their spam? Falun Gong fax became one of the most annoying spam faxes.

When I chatted on the interest, I also got a lot of spam information from Falun Gong members. Those Falun Gong members sent their information to me to interrupt the conversation. And it made me not be able to continue the conversation. Did Falun Gong members think it polite? Where’s my freedom of conversation on the internet? It made me to fear Falun Gong more than I feared communist regime. I could see police in internet cafes. But if Falun Gong ruled the country, could we enjoy more freedom of talking on the internet?

And, if you are really interested in Falun Gong, you would not forget the woman, who disrupted President Bush’s meeting communist president Hu. I know Falun Gong were fighting against communist regime, but didn’t they think there’s no better way to fight other than to disrupt others?

I must be a communist dog because I disagreed to what Falun Gong members did.

And I must be helping the communist regime to kill more Falun Gong members. I must be … (more words for Falun Gong members to define me, or to explain me, or to describe me.)

Truth, Kindness, Tolerance

Falun Gong’s trademark, “Truthfulness, Kindness (compassion), Tolerance”. But how true? How kind? How tolerant? It’s amazing to see themselves opposite to their own slogan!

Sentencing Jiang Zemin to death

Jiang Zemin was sentenced to death in the name of God according to one of the posts on Falun Gong website. So, the victim sentenced the offender to death. The victim is the judge. The victim judge sentenced the offender. Victim? I see them the ruler. The ruler victim?
And the death sentence in the name of God?
And I remember their slogan of “Truthfulness, Kindness, Tolerance”. Tolerance?
So terrible!

Hypocrisy, Double-standards, and One-sided

If you disagree with Falun Gong, Falun Gong members or practitioners think you must be hateful, intolerant, and virulent, and you must be smearing, slandering, and helping the communist regime prosecute them and deceiving others. Why? Because they are the victims. But are Falun Gong members or practitioners extremely intolerant, hateful, and smearing others to make others the victims of them the “victims”?  And they are killing their killers in the name of the Gods in their imaginations. What if they were really in power one day? How hypocritical those “victims” are! How vicious those “victims” are! They talk about justice, but everything is one-sided there. They never need to examine themselves.

Strengthening the communist regime

Falun Gong has been fighting against communist regime. It’s the fact. And another fact is that communist regime has never been as “popular” as it today since the end of 1970s. Why? One of the reasons is that Falun Gong scared many. Chinese have to choose between communist regime and the possible Falun Gong regime (or possibly Chinese democracy movement regime, or Confucianism regime). Chinese have to think what life they would have to live under a possible Falun Gong regime. And they have to support communist regime (willingly or reluctantly) to avoid the worse one.

Remark 2

I don’t think my words can make Falun Gong members suffer more. But I really worry about my own life if I have to live under a Falun Gong regime, because of my own experience.

Petr Alekseevich is called Peter the Great.

Deng Xiaoping is called Deng the Old.

Petr Alekseevich is called the Great because people think he modernized Russia in 18th century.

Deng Xiaoping is called the Old because people think he modernized china (more or less) in 20th century.

In a Han Chinese mind, the title of the Old is similar to the title of the Great, and can only be given to those old great people.

So, western people have to adhere to those values, which can make them great, to get titled the Great, no matter what age they would be at.

So, Han Chinese have to live longer to be titled the Old.

When foreign enemies invade, those people, who title others the Great, can’t think it great to live longer without honor. But those people, who title others the Old, can’t think they would get titled the Old if they fight to death in battle field. What they should do is to surrender and live longer, long enough to get titled the Old.

And you can explain part of Han Chinese history.

One of the Han Chinese traditonal beautiful moral values is to cede.

One of the Han Chinese phenomena is infighting.


Why can’t cession make Han Chinese more peaceful, but more aggressive?

It is because of their beautiful moral value of ceding.

Nobody naturally wants to cede. Then, who should cede?  Why doesn’t the other side cede? Doesn’t the other side think it beautiful moral value? If yes, how can the other side accept the cession? Not contradictory?

The fact is

  • the lower cedes rights to the upper,
  • the vulnerable cedes rights to the stronger,
  • the fooled cedes rights to the hypocritical,
  • to cede rights to you at this time and offend you more at another time.

So, why do Han Chinese cede? It is because they are forced to do, or fooled to do. And when they don’t think they should cede, or when they don’t know who should cede, they fight.

If you ask Han Chinese for help, most of them would think, “You need help? It’s the time for me to be arrogant.” And they would look down on you. Even if they really helped you, they would educate you or rebuke you to let you know you are the lower and themselves are the upper.

But there’s also a way to get helped without being looked down on. If you order others to serve you when you need help, and shout at others if they failed to offer help, and if others don’t resist to you, you won’t be looked down on. On the contrary, you would be treated as the upper.

That’s Han Chinese.

The definitions of some words

  • superior/inferior (upper/lower). A president of some organization would be thought the superior by comparing to the members of the organization, and vice versa. A more qualified person can be thought the superior by comparing to the lowly qualified, and vice versa. A hero can be thought the superior by comparing to those who make troubles, and vice versa. Any persons can be thought the superior if they adhere to higher value-standards, and vice versa. But here, “the superior” means somebody is unfairly, unreasonably or improperly treated as the predominant one largely because of policy, tradition, his/her arrogant attitude, or because of the result of power struggle. And “the inferior” can be defined in the same way. When it becomes the basic relationship in a society, the entire society becomes evil, and all of its members become evil.
  • equality. Equality means everybody can get the same result/consequence if they meet the same conditions and they are offered the same conditions for the same result/consequence. And different people get different results under different conditions, they can exchange the results by exchanging the conditions without thinking it unfair.
  • fairness. There are two kinds of fairness. One is rights/obligations-based fairness in a freely established relationship. It means, if I agree to such a relationship, then I fulfill the obligations and have the rights. The other one is normality-based fairness. If it helps human life, then it is fair, or vice versa.

Why are Han Chinese “naturally” arrogant, rude and liking offending the vulnerable, the kind, the considerate, or the friendly? And why are they “naturally” cowardly to fight against the offender?

Why could Han Chinese accept Mongols’ rule or Manchu’s rule, but couldn’t they accept their children leaving home (escape from their control)?

Why do Han Chinese know nothing about freedom, others’ freedom or themselves’ freedom?

Why do Han Chinese know nothing about fair, normal and proper rights/obligations, or rights/obligations-based fairness? But all of them know what superior/inferior is, and all of them try to find out whether others see them the superior or the inferior. Why?

Why do Han Chinese know nothing about facts, but keep in their minds who is the superior, who is the inferior?

Why are the arrogant Han Chinese comparatively lower qualified, and why do they demand others to be higher qualified? Why do “the superior humans” become sub-beasts?

Why do Han Chinese fight mainly over “who can be the arrogant”, and why is it the main reason for Han Chinese infighting?

Why are Han Chinese so hypocritical?

Why are Han Chinese so inconsistent?

Why do Han Chinese give the reasons, moral values, theories, or knowledge contradictory to their own attitudes/behaviors, or against themselves? And why don’t they think they have any problem, but think themselves the superior or the smarter?

Why do Han Chinese have no fact-based standard, but have the standard of “how I see you” or “how I would be seen” to settle the dispute in the relationships?

Those are main Han Chinese evils. And the main reason for those evils is the evil in the relationships between Han Chinese themselves, or between Han Chinese and others. Han Chinese relationship is between the superior and the inferior. It forces everybody’s psychological state or personality state compulsorily partial, one sided, prejudiced. So, Han Chinese are naturally not able to think or act fairly, or fact-basedly, or adhere to universal moral values.

One day, my father came back home trembling. I had never seen him scared like that. He murmured, “I found I was very coward.”

When I asked what happened, he said, “A man passed by and said I was in his way. I told him it’s not really. He stayed and threatened to beat me. I found I was so coward.” He was still trembling.

I got shocked.

My father was a family tyrant. He was our master and he had never been wrong whatever he did because he treated us violently. And he could tell us to do whatever he wanted. In his mind, we were nothing but tools.

But then, the tyrant was trembling. The tyrant was a coward when he encountered another tyrant.

“I wanted to beat them. But later I found they were stronger than me. I was afraid I would get beaten by them. I fled.”

The above Han Chinese confession is not rarely to be found.

If Han Chinese can offend others (violate others’ rights or treat others offensively), they don’t think it bad, but would be proud of it.

If Han Chinese get offended by a tougher one, they would like to surrender and think themselves smart.

Han Chinese don’t have a universal behavior conduct reference frame or coordinates system. They don’t have a consistent value/attitude/behavior conduct, either. Wrong or right, good or evil, stupid or smart, when and who should be thought right or wrong, all depend on what Han Chinese want or what conditions they are under.

Rights/obligations? To have the rights/obligations as the conduct of values/attitudes/behaviors? That’s not Han Chinese.

“Why did I sell the product to you? You should know it is because I didn’t  look down on you! (那是因为我给你面子!) (So you should appreciate me.)”

Or, “Why did I buy your product? You should know it is because I didn’t  look down on you!(So you should appreciate me.)”

If you blame Han Chinese after you got offended by them, Han Chinese even say, “Did I offend you? I treated you in that way, because I didn’t look down on you! (It means, if I looked down on you, I would not offend you. You should say thanks to me (after getting offended by me).)”

That’s Han Chinese. They are arrogant like that.

So, why did they surrender to and comfort Japanese troops? It must be because they didn’t look down on Japanese troops. Or else, they would look down on Japanese troops and would not surrender or comfort. (为什么我们投降?为什么我们慰安?那是我们汉支那给了你们日本人面子!!是我们看得起你们!要不是给你们面子,我们才不会投降呢!我们才不会慰安呢!小日本!)

So, why did they surrender to Manchu and had gotten ruled for 267 years? It must be because they didn’t looked down on Manchu conquerors.

So, why did they get conquered by Mongols and had gotten ruled for 89 years? It must be because they didn’t looked down on Mongol cavalry.

So, why did they cede large part of territory to Liao and Jin in Song Dynasty? It must be because they didn’t looked down on the invaders.

(Dignity and Honor? Rights/obligations and fairness? Interests and normality? Sorry, we Han Chinese don’t know what they are.)

Who had I been in my family before I left it?

  • I was definitely the lower in my family (lower than anybody who was older than me, or of older generation).
  • I had no rights in my family. (I could get food to eat. But it was not because I had any right. I couldn’t defend it. My parents could stop giving me food if they got angry at me. They thought I should guess what they needed and serve them like a good servant to make them happy. It was why they thought me worthy of their food. And they thought the food was their giving. I should “thanksgiving”.)
  • They also thought I should be the lower when I was in the relationship with the people out of my family.
  • My parents and grandparents acted as the lower when they were in the relationship with the people out of my family.
  • They didn’t resist to the offenders out of my family. They surrendered and they beautified their behavior.
  • They thought they were the lower when they were with others out of my family. And they thought me lower than them. And then, I should lower further than the people out of my family.
  • When I got offended by the people out of my family, my parents helped the offender to oppress me.
  • But my parents thought I should make them proud by winning the competition with the people out of my family, or make them proud by getting in the higher rank out of my family.
  • I was born the tool for my parents or grandparents to reach their goal. And the pressure on me was so strange and so contradictory.


Who was I in China?

  • I was the lower. I should pay respect to the old, the officers, the wealthy people, …, but nobody was asked to pay respect to me. I should be treated as the low classed if I left my hometown. And communist regime made the policy to treat me as the lower classed even if I stayed in hometown because people had different rights/obligation in different areas.
  • I was asked to think myself the lower. It means I should criticize myself whatever I was, whatever I did, and should praise others whatever, and treat myself as the lower.
  • I could seldom ask for my rights if I wanted to be a good person. I should try my best to devote myself to others.
  • I had no rights to resist to the offender.
  • There’s no right, no fairness, no justice. I was the lower. And I should be the lower. And I should be happy to be the lower. It was me in my country.
  • But I couldn’t criticize Han Chinese as the lower. Han Chinese as a group must be the superior, upper and good whatever they were, whatever they had done. So I must, I had to, be the arrogant upper because I was Han Chinese. But they all treated me as the lower. So contradictory. So odd.


My family and my country treated me in such a similar way.

I am arrogant and rude, but I have all the reason to be right, you have all the reason to be wrong if you blame me.

If the same thing happens to you, it proves you are the inferior, wrong, and the lower. If it happens to me, it proves me right, superior to you and I am the upper.

That ethical reasoning system is what Han Chinese have been working hard to develop in their thousands of years of history.

You are wrong, because I want you to be wrong and I want to prove you wrong. And the reasoning is what I have smartly developed.

I am right, because I want me to be right and I want to prove me right.

In a Han Chinese mind, there’s no citizen rights or citizen duties. But all are relative rights or relative obligations. It means, I have rights/obligations or not, it depends on the rank difference between you and me. The upper has all the rights and no obligations, and the lower has no rights but all the obligations.

It is why Han Chinese treat each others as if the relationship between them is between the master and the slave. And their attitudes or behaviors are also one sided. You can’t find their behavior conduct like ” I should treat others that way because others are the citizens of the same country, or because others have some rights.”

It can also be used to explain why Han Chinese engage in infighting all the time. How can they know who should be the upper or who should be the lower if they don’t fight?

Typical Han Chinese have no real personal life, but all relationship life. (“Typical” means they are well recognized as Han Chinese by other Han Chinese. Personal life, by comparing to relationship life, means the life they can enjoy as the natural one. Relationship life mean Han Chinese can only enjoy their lives in some relationship, while not the lives, which can be separated from others’. For example, if a person can enjoy a personal life, he/she doesn’t have to be in some relationship, but if a person can only enjoy a relationship life, he/she has to be in some relationship. Please distinguish between the relationship of friendship and the relationship between the upper and the lower or other unbalanced relationship.)

It is very important to understand Han Chinese behaviors in society.

If all the members of a society have their real personal life and enjoy their personal life and think the society is a way to live the life they want, they will have a different view on social relationship. And they can act under the conditions of a good society. But if they can only enjoy the unbalanced relationship, there would be different reasons for their behaviors. And the behaviors would make the society not functional enough to benefit the entire group.

But typical Han Chinese don’t have their real personal life, they all have relationship life. It affects Han Chinese views on social relationship and their social behaviors.

It is the fact, which can be experienced or observed. It is also the reason, which can be used to explain some Han Chinese phenomena, such as Han Chinese are irresponsible and lack of real moral values in society, extremely hypocritical, and think they must get to be in higher rank or have somebody in lower rank to have their enjoyable life. It is also one of the reasons why Han Chinese like children and like more generations in a family. And it is also the reason why, despite their number, they are probably the world most loneliness-fear people.

Han Chinese think it proves Japanese inferior that almost all of Japanese soldiers fought to death in the Battle of Saipan. And it proves Han Chinese themselves are superior to “the dog-fathered inferior Japanese monsters” because Han Chinese knew they should surrender to their enemy to be alive. And it also proves “the great Han Chinese” are much wiser than Japanese that they knew they should comfort their enemy.

How does the world comment on Han Chinese?

Usually, the foreign researchers in universities got good impression on China, because they got very limited experience. They think Chinese are friendly and china is beautiful.

Most of the foreigners from the countries out of Eastern Asia, if they are doing business with Han Chinese, and if they are just getting to know Han Chinese, would comment, “Some of Chinese are very good.”  “I think most of Chinese are good.”   “Chinese are not as bad as what our government warned us at all. They (their government) told lies!”   “China is very good!”(thumb up)   “How can I become a Chinese citizen?”

But, after they got to know Han Chinese more, some of them would say, “Chinese are poorly qualified.”   “They are irresponsible.”   “We got taught lessons. We can’t trust them(Chinese) any more.”  “We have to be very cautious to do business with them(Chinese).”

Those journalists or sociologists would make more negative comments. But instead of criticizing Han Chinese people, they would rather attack the communist regime.

Western tourists would make more negative comments on Chinese people, “They charge us 10 times higher than they charge Chinese.” “The service is so different from what they introduced.”

The people living in the South Eastern Asia or North Eastern Asia would call Han Chinese “Chinaman” or “Chinapig!” because they have known Han Chinese for a long time and know well.

All of the “mature” Han Chinese immigrants (overseas Han Chinese) comment on Han Chinese, “No Chinaman is good.”

All of the “mature” Han Chinese (living in china, Taiwan, or Hong Kong) would say, “Don’t trust them(Han Chinese)! They are the most virulent.” And themselves are also Han Chinese, and get alerted to by other Han Chinese.

The comments by different people are so diverse. But usually, people who know Han Chinese more make more negative comments.


* The above is based on my personal experience. I didn’t do a social statistics.

** “mature” means knowing or experiencing Han Chinese well enough.

Another interesting and contradictory phenomenon is that Han Chinese call other Han Chinese “dog/pig”, or “non native”, or “wanderer”, but also call other Han Chinese and sometimes non-Han-Chinese “dear from-the-same-wombs”.


It can also be simply explained.

If Han Chinese want to rule you and if you are willing or possibly you are willing to accept their rule, you are their “dear from-the-same-wombs”.

But if you are already under their rule, or if you are not under their rule and you are unwilling to accept their rule, you are the “pig/dog”.

So, you can know when you will be called “pig/dog” and when you will be called “dear from the same womb” by Han Chinese.

You would find it very interesting and contradictory that Han Chinese themselves call each other “Pig/dog” and at the same time they force everybody to think Han Chinese ethnic group “the superior ethnic group”.


That phenomenon can be easily explained.

It is because Han Chinese personality is one-sided and their pursuit of being arrogant.

Then, the partial personality and their pursuit make them look down on each other and offensively call each other “pig/dog” to make themselves be the superior and can be arrogant, and the same reasons make them have to force everybody to think Han Chinese ethnic group “superior”, and then they can be arrogant in the world.

So, Han Chinese make themselves “the superior pig ethnic group”.

Won’t Han Chinese kneel again because of those Han Chinese patriots?

Han Chinese patriots,

  • will they fight for the truth to strengthen their country?
  • will they fight for the truth to improve the quality of Han Chinese ethnic group?
  • will they find the right values?
  • will they fight for the right values to develop?
  • would they rather die in battle field than surrender before they saw their foreign enemy?
  • will they stop fighting against their “dear from-the-same-wombs” (they also call other Han Chinese pigs, or dogs, or stupid pussies)?
  • will they fight for their dear pigs, or dear dogs, or dear stupid pussies?
  • will their dear stupid pussies like them and fight with them against their foreign enemy?
  • will Han Chinese never kneel again because of those Han Chinese patriots?

But, what are Han Chinese patriots really fighting for? They fight for

  • their evils
  • their flaws
  • their psychological illness
  • their dishonor
  • their lies
  • their shame
  • their inferiority
  • their barbarism
  • their arrogance
  • their beautified appearance
  • their state of normality, which is lower than beasts
  • whatever their enemies think wrong

What are Han Chinese patriots fighting against? They fight against

  • those who criticize Han Chinese (both outsiders or insiders)
  • those who reveal the truth, or the facts (both outsiders or insiders)
  • those who hurt Han Chinese arrogance (both outsiders or insiders)
  • those who ask Han Chinese for fairness
  • whatever their enemies think right

But, by learning their history and their behavior, we can’t expect they would fight against their enemies in battle field as much as they fight against their criticizers.

What are Han Chinese patriots themselves?

  • They can never be expected to be normal, or fair, or polite, or civilized (though they rebuke others because they don’t think others civilized as much as themselves), or as brave as themselves when they offend others.
  • They are totally low lives, lower than beasts.
  • They concern less or nothing about their real interests, but concern being able to be arrogant or not.

Will Han Chinese kneel again because of those patriots?

Manchu conquest and Manchu rule shows that

  • Han Chinese can be conquered with violence.
  • In entire Han Chinese written history, they had never fought for freedom, but fought for arrogance.  And they can also live under others’ arrogance after they got defeated.
  • The ruler can raise a ruling class to support his power, and Han Chinese don’t fight against the ruling class, but dream they can one day become the member of the class.
  • The ruler should violently oppress any rebellion and treat rebels cruelly.
  • The ruler should give some opportunities to a few ambitious Han Chinese to let them enjoy upper rank and arrogance, and more importantly to fool other Han Chinese.
  • The ruler should keep Han Chinese relationship to make them keep Han Chinese traits to restrict them and control them.
  • The ruler should at least let Han Chinese live a basic life.
  • The ruler should give Han Chinese chances to be arrogant in international relationship or events to make them release their mental pressure and to be proud of themselves. When Han Chinese are proud of themselves, they are proud of their country, and they don’t concern much about who rules them.

Then, the entire Han Chinese group will forget who rules them, and they have no enough motivation to fight against their ruler, and probably they got satisfied and fight for the ruler to fight for their own arrogance, and the rulers don’t have to worry about a Han Chinese revolt.

When you compare Manchu rulers with today’s communism party, would you think they are similar?

Traditionally, the job of looking for reasons is low ranked and get despised by Han Chinese, because those “idiots” can’t threaten others violently but offer theory (not facts) to prove something true or false, right or wrong.

So, what job would be higher ranked? The job can make people treat others with force.



Most of Han Chinese reason seekers are theory learners. They don’t look for facts to prove or disprove theory. They are not truth seekers.

One sided right/obligation is one of the critical Han Chinese traits. It interacts with Han Chinese relationship, Han Chinese personality, attitude, behavior, or thinking.

Generally, if we want to answer the question, how do Han Chinese treat others, we can say they treat others one-sidedly. If we want to answer, why do they treat each other one sidedly, we can say it is because their personality, thinking, and pursuit is one sided. If we want to answer, why are Han Chinese such people, we can say it is because they grew up and live in one sided relationship.

So, it is natural for Han Chinese to think right and obligation one-sided.

The word of cannibalism is not completely proper to describe Han Chinese. But it isn’t a wrong word to describe them.

Han Chinese cannibalism,

  • The relationship between the old and the young, between the parents and the children

Han Chinese don’t produce offspring to act as a living thing, but treat their offspring as their live stock. Their moral principles of paying respect to the old and xiao make them consider the old or the parents much more than the young or the children, even one-sided. It is totally opposite to the natural characteristic of a living thing, which requires the old or the parents to consider the young or the children more.

  • The relationship between Han Chinese and Han Chinese, or the relationship between Han Chinese and others

Han Chinese don’t consider other side’s interests and only calculate their one sided maximum benefit in the relationship between themselves and others.